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    Trying not to gonuts waitng for next week. With all the talk of Chris winning Peyton award, I wondered is he our best ever.

    My opinion of top 5 ( only qbs I have seen)

    1. Kim mcQuilken
    2. Phil Stambaugh
    3 Mark Borda
    4. Chris Lum
    4. Marty Horn

    There are so many more over the last 40 years that were great (Semptimphelter, Hall,Rieker, Brunner etal) but this is my opinion


    1- Rieker (Ultimate champion)
    2- McQuilken (First great QB in modern era)
    3- Danny Nolan (Old timer)
    4- Phil Stambaugh (Lot’s of wins)
    5- Marty Horn (Prolific)



    1. McQuillken (Helped complete the recovery from the dreadful ’60s)
    2. Rieker (His ’77 season is the highest rated of any QB)
    3. Nolan (He was an All American and I saw him play when I was 12, although I have no memory of it)
    4. Stambaugh (Four wins against Lafayette are unique)
    5. Lum (Hope he will add a lot more to his resume)


    McQuilken was the first or second LU QB I saw, and he was the best for a long time. Sadly, my memory of watching him play has largely faded (except for when he was with Falcons and Federals, no good experiences). He had the benefit of an incredible running game (future NFLer Jack Rizzo, perhaps the best LU RB ever, partially powered by NFL lineman John Hill).

    Unfairly, QBs also will be judged on the basis of the quality of their line and receiving corps. Some of these guys did not have Kreider, Benn and the tandem of Drwal and Spadola, who make Lum look even better.

    Also, how can you compare a guy like Marty Horn (four-year starter, right?) with a guy who started only one or two years? Hard to do. And what would Borda have done had he been healthy and had his coach given him a chance to play earlier? How about Luke Ciannello?

    That makes this an incredibly tough question … one I’ll weigh in on with a rank after the season. I think Lum’s final ranking depends on how well team fares in playoffs.

    My top four, in chronological order (there are a lot of guys who would qualify for No. 5):



    Don’t forget Glenn Kempa, whose records Lum just tied and/or broke this year. That was during the prolific "Air Lehigh" days of Hank Small. I would call McQuilken and Rieker a toss up. Kim was the first great passing QB of the modern era (though I did not see Nolan). Rieker had more weapons in terms of receivers as well as the second best back of the 70’s, Gardner. In terms of "efficiency" interesting that through 2008, Sterrett had the highest CAREER rating at 155.43, followed by Rieker (147.93), Hall (147.58), Borda (146.20) and Semptimphelter (141.29). I think Lum’s rating for this year is a tad above Sterrett’s but for career, he’s not in the top 5. He’s improved from earlier in the year to where he uses discretion and tosses a pass away, now, rather than trying to force into coverage. His arm is not as strong as Stambaugh’s, Rieker’s or McQuilken’s. He also has the the luxury of possibly extending his career a few more weeks with the opportunity to make an indelible stamp on the record book.

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