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    Does anybody have any information on whether Reed has been interviewed for NW job?  Story I just read said they interviewed Chris Collins (frontrunner) , and also mentioned they interviewed 3 other candidates, John Gianinni from Lasalle, Dave Paulsen from Bucknell and Bryce Drew from Valpo and, perhaps a 4th in Brett Reed from Lehigh.


    Will Reed or Paulsen be in the mix for the open Minnesota job?   That is a better job than Northwestern as far as a competition standpoint.






    This seems to be the general concensus.
     Reed and Giannini are only on here because they’re coaches who have had recent success at mid-majors and would likely receive consideration if Collins, Paulsen and Drew don’t work out. However, right now, Collins looks like the clear front-runner, with Paulsen and Drew in the next “tier.” 



    According to CBSSports.Com tweet, Collins will be the next Northwestern coach. Good news, potentially, for the chances of Lehigh keeping Dr. Reed around.


    Northwestern is not the only job opening, so I am not convinced Dr. Reed won’t have other suitors.  However I doubt any of them will be

    from the Big Ten or other power conferences.  These MAC type jobs will offer more money, but I don’t see them offering a better

    resume building opportunity than Lehigh.  Somehow I hope the good Doctor would like to do another NCAA bid at Lehigh to prove he

    and the recruiting class of CJ, GK, HG aren’t one hit wonders.  I’m hoping he hangs around for another 2-3 years before he seriously looks for a

    big move up.  Wishful thinking maybe, but…….



    I see 18 Div1 Coaching Openings

    Farleigh Dickinson



    Georgia Southern

    San Jose St.







    Ball St.



    Texas St.

    Cal State-Northridge



    The vast majority of them seem to be lateral moves.

    We need a major donor that loves basketball. Football, Wrestling and Lacrosse all have endowed positions.



    From Twitter:

    #Lehigh men’s basketball coach Brett Reed: “I’m the head coach of Lehigh and that’s where my focus remains.”Michael LoRé (@michaellore)


    Reed also said he’s not expecting G B.J. Bailey to return for his final season of eligibility. Bailey intends to walk this spring.Michael LoRé (@michaellore)

    The Reed quote doesn’t exactly sound like a final answer, but it’s encouraging anyway…



    Saw you tweeted him ToddCudd, you were the motivator perhaps for his comments, good work bud!

    I’d be encouraged if we heard some news about an extension, doesn’t have to be a Shaka type extension wow, but an extension would be nice.

    Perhaps Reed thinks he hit paydirt with this incoming class, and figures he can squeeze a couple more runs with this Lehigh team in the next four years and up his stock some more.






    Collins to Northwestern done.

    I think of that list of openings, the only ones of consequence for Reed would be:

    Siena (probably a step up, but not a huge jump up)

    San Jose State (again, maybe small step up, but unlikely, no ties to West Coast)

    UCLA (never going to be a candidate for that position)

    Minnesota (perfect fit for him, but probably not a candidate)

    Ball State (logical step up to MAC, probably a good fit, but no way they go for 2 Lehigh coaches in a row)

    Looks like he is back next season.  One thing we haven’t considered with Reed.  Would he jump to a top program as an assistant?  If Tom Izzo called, would he join that staff as an assistant or Associate Head Coach?  Even though step down in prestige, probably a step up in cash.  He could be a waiting in the wings guy to a major program with an older head coach.




    Quote:    “I think of that list of openings, the only ones of consequence for Reed would be:

    Siena (probably a step up, but not a huge jump up)”


    Agree that, at best, it’s a minor step up.     The one issue is that Siena could easily double his salary and then some.   Also no academic restrictions on recruiting.



    Siena has a decent history over the last 30 or so seasons.  Some clunkers in there, but some really good seasons, and a bunch of NCAA appearances and NIT appearances.  Also, has proved to be a good launching pad for a number of coaches to the big time.  Not sure what is in the cupboard, but they have a very young team.




    So far Reed is not in the discussion for the Siena job.  Andy Toole from Robert Morris is the front runner. VCU Assoc Coach Mike Rhoades is also rumored as well as Loyola HC  Jimmy Patsos.

    On a somewhat related note…Dave Paulsen just agreed to a contract extension with Bucknell.


    The Ball State job has been such a mess recently, and an assistant position even in the Big Ten is such a change for

    an up and comer who already has a head job.  I did not realize Sienna could be that lucrative versus Lehigh.   If so, that would scare me more

    than anything else mentioned to date.   Roughly how much better could Sienna pay?  Double?  Triple?  Oops, I just checked their attendance…

    They averages 7,000+/game……  I guess I answered by own question…



    Article on Paulsen extension

    Also, the Drake job appears to be filled by Gonzaga assistant Ray Giacoletti


    FWIW, Football does NOT have an endowed HC position. From what I have heard from others, Coen is the lowest paid HC in the PL.  I don’t see Reed leaving for just any other DI job, unless the money were significantly better, and most on the long list above offer no more vertical opportunity than Lehigh.  If we have, indeed, attracted a great recruiting class, than maybe there is a chance he stays. Is is contract up so that a renewal would be timely?



    If I’m not mistaken (which believe me is not out of the realm of possibility :-)), Paul Leitner was the lead donor in establishing an endowment for the HC in football perhaps around 2003.

    BTW, I forgot that the HC in Crew is an endowed position too I believe.

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