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    Better play. Not a game long Chinese fire drill. Nip and tuck all game. Team never could put together that run to take a solid lead. Have to learn how to win.Going to be tough to get these players into a cohesive team this year.

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    Unsurprisingly stats are fairly evdn. 20 TOs is a killer. Stable rotation .All who played got extended mins except for KB and ME.



    Freshmen can thank both coaches for trusting them blindly despite their atrocious blunders.
    Rider was not a good team despite what ST said after the game.
    Offensive plays are unproductive and defense is horrendous. Players’ management is simply incomprehensible, illogical and ridiculous. You won’t ever win with more than 2 freshmen on the court. First 60s of Q3: 5 TOs and Rider 8-0 run.
    Last two minutes: Q on the bench with game on the line.
    You start ME and only ask her to set screens on top of the key when she is a true center who should be down low?
    KB has been a spark every single past game she went in and she sat most of the game tonight? TC was apparently sick but still….
    HP brings toughness and defense and she’s only in for 15?
    Tweet as much as you want about your Fab Fresh but anyone can score 10/15 in 30 minutes while allowing their direct opponent to score at least as much. I just don’t understand what they are doing. Minus 35 minimum vs Cal.

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