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    My Prediction
    Starting Lineup:
    1. Ross
    2. Price
    3 Holba
    4. Kempton
    5. Goldsborough
    Off the bench:
    6. Chuku/ Leufroy
    7. Alston
    8 Fisher
    9 Sedore
    10. Glover

    Sedore is Lehigh’s Kristaps Porzingis, a 2 year project!



    I like your starters a lot 15, and that might be where we end up. But game 1, I’ll expect BA at the 3 to start. That’s based on his year in the system, and our 3-guard history.
    I worry that Holba might have to play some 4. Remember that last year SC actually had to play some 4 due to CB’s injury trouble. Especially if CS2 isn’t ready for some minutes up front.
    I’ll go with JC, TJ, KL, and MH at the top of the bench depth to start the season.



    Is it my senility or did I miss something but who is Fisher?

    Other than that I agree with the lineup. I think Holba will be asked to play some 4 esp when we decide to go smaller but he is certainly capable of it. He has played the position nearly all his life and can leap out of a building. I’m excited for this season.



    I completely read right past Fisher the first time – ha! I’ll bet that’s a typo/autocorrect/brainfart for Carter…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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