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    A new bball head coach opening at Rutgers with the Rice firing…



    Rice is lucky he only got fired. He probably should have been brought up on charges. What a poor example for young men.


    Of the various jobs that have come up this season, this one seems like one of the better fits for Reed. Rutgers is definitely going to factor image into this hiring after the Rice debacle and Reed has a choir boy background, PhD, and came from the Patriot League. They are not going to risk hiring someone with a tainted resume, and might not even mind a couple more seasons of losing if it cleans up their image. Not to mention Reed is from the midwest and has done most of his recruiting there, and Rutgers is moving to the Big-10. If I were Rutgers I wouldn’t go for Reed, but I could see where he would be an attractive option.



     StablerBum,I had the exact same 1st reaction as soon as I saw the tape on ESPN.  I have no idea whether Rutgers is interested in Reed but it would be a nice match.
    The leading candidate according to some is Danny Hurley of Wagner and RI
    Here is another list of candidates per Athlon but I’m sure it is all speculation

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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