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    Thanks for the nice writeup. LU has come a long way.



    "StablerBum" wrote: I was able to make the game in Jersey City last night which was pretty exciting for me as it was my first opportunity to watch this team live. The game was kind of sloppy, which I think is to be expected coming off a break over x-mas where all the players went home and then came back for 2 practices before playing a road game. The intensity was there in spurts when the team really needed it, but it was definitely not there for 40 minutes. All in all, an ugly win over an inferior opponent – but any road victory in college hoops is hard earned.

    Greneir’s development is really fun to witness. He was 4-7 from 3 last night and 2 of those misses just rimmed out. He did get himself stuck going to the basket a couple of times, and could have finished a few more plays, but he has a tremendous mix of size, skill, and athleticism.

    CJ didn’t play great, but still ended up with a terrific line of 22-11-5 which is a testament to how good he really is. He forced up a couple of 3’s and jumpers, some of which were way off the mark. But his smoothness and ability to create for himself and others continues to impress.

    Mackey was solid and knocked down some shots. During the 8-10 minutes of the 2nd half when the team really played well – Mackey was in the middle of it by getting to the basket and free throw line. He did have some pretty questionsable turnovers including one incredibly lazy pass and he also got his pocket picked (and didn’t really get back on defense the way you should after making a turnover).

    John Adams brough terrific energuy in the 2nd half. He was in the game for about 4 or 5 minutes and got the the free throw line, got some steals, and rebounds. When he came out of the game Reed gave him a huge high 5 and good job and said, "You had THREE deflections!!" and John responded with a huge smile. You have to love a guy that relishes his role like that.

    Corey Schaefer is a great defender btw. He isn’t the biggest or the quickest guy, but he works on every possession and knows where to be and when to be there.

    The rebounding last night was bad. SPC was often playing 4 guards and a 6’6 "big man" and still managed to outrebound LU. Part of the reason they were able to stay in the game in the last 6 minutes was offensive rebounds and second chance points. Maneri, Adams, CJ and Holden did the best job on the boards.

    Nice recap. Thanks for the great recap of the game. It was difficult to see on line.



    "LUHoops00" wrote: Maybe stat of the night for everyone looking for one last nugget of LU Hoops pre-bed time(norcal we know you’re up for hours still haha), but how about Knutson who is not exactly killing it on the boards with 4.5 a game, actually has 3 more Off rebounds then Def rebounds on the season.

    Here is another one, CB, who has 96 minutes of action thus far this year, has 32 rebounds, thirty-two! I’m tired enough to not average that out correctly to do a rebound per 40 minutes of action, but it is high, that I know…


    You know it. Gotta get my fill of hoops after a long day at the office. Well I am off this week, but family visiting is interfering with my blog time and getting the younger kid ready for tryouts with an AAU team takes away my blog time :lol:

    I wonder if Gabe is a little tired of getting hit in the face. He was pounded rather hard in a few games. Are the juniors taking it easy now, at least the original starters that is?



    When it comes to rebounding (and I know it’s important and lacking at times) but………….

    Surprise, surprise! Lehigh trails only Bucknell (thru 14 games – realize the opponents in OOC play are different) in Rebounding Margin among PL teams. We’re not alone in our struggles.

    Team / on offense each game / given-up on defense each game / difference

    Bucknell / 35.4 / 29.9 / +5.4
    Lehigh / 36.0 / 35.4 / +0.6
    Navy / 32.1 / 32.1 / 0
    All other teams report negative (-) margins

    Without a truly "big man," I guess it’ll be "rebounding by committee" until such time as McCarthy, Goldborough and Chuku join the team. Then again, who’s to say it’ll be any different next year.

    LUHoops00’s comment on Baltimore’s 32 boards in 96 minutes got me thinking, "just who’s pulling down the boards and at what rate, i.e., one rebound for every _____minutes of playing time?" Here’s a look (fill in the blank above) at our committee’s work to date.

    Baltimore 3.0 minutes (truly could be key contributor going forward)
    Adams 4.3
    Greiner 4.8
    CJ 5.1
    Staggers 5.3 (right spot at right time in limited court appearances)
    Mineri 5.4
    Knutson 5.8
    D’Orazio 9.2
    Hamilton 9.3
    Cvrkalj 9.9
    Schaefer 11.0
    BJ 11.0
    McKnight 12.6

    Don’t know about you, but I was expecting to see a much finer number for Jordan Hamilton.



    I would really like to see Baltimore get significant playing time in the next 2 games vs. Bryant and MDES. Give him 15 or so minutes, and have him as one of the first bigs off the bench, to see what he may be able to give you during the PL season. He is a bit of an unknown right now. Obviously, we don’t get to see him daily in practice, but he has shown flashes in limited action. If he could just rebound and defend, he could be an important player off the bench.



    90, could not agree with you more! Like to see Reed take 5-10 minutes from each JA and JM. Those two guys are two of the best team players I’ve seen and know the importance of what this year could bring them.

    Have fun at Bryant with Hoops00. Will be watching on the internet.



    Did I miss reading that someone else was going to the game tomorrow?

    If so, let me know and we’ll meet up.



    "LU65" wrote: 90, could not agree with you more! Like to see Reed take 5-10 minutes from each JA and JM. Those two guys are two of the best team players I’ve seen and know the importance of what this year could bring them.

    Have fun at Bryant with Hoops00. Will be watching on the internet.

    I am not working tomorrow for a change, so I will be tuned in. I hope they do not take this game lightly. Go LU!

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