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    I thought this to be a good time to post something I found on the HC Board a few weeks ago. The first few parts were authored by WorcesterGray. I added the 6 year average comment and the paragraphs that follow.

    Source: Pomeroy

    Holy Cross 207
    Bucknell 219
    American 226
    Lafayette 299
    Colgate 312
    Lehigh 332
    Army 334
    Navy 341

    Bucknell 152
    American 207
    Holy Cross 271
    Lafayette 284
    Colgate 305
    Navy 326
    Army 329
    Lehigh 342

    Holy Cross 202
    American 318
    Bucknell 319
    Colgate 320
    Lehigh 341
    Navy 342
    Army 344
    Lafayette 347

    Bucknell 107
    Holy Cross 182
    Lafayette 197
    American 247
    Colgate 266
    Lehigh 274
    Navy 302
    Army 326

    Bucknell 69
    Lafayette 204
    Holy Cross 215
    Lehigh 224
    Colgate 284
    Navy 293
    American 297
    Army 344

    Bucknell 92
    Lehigh 180
    Boston U 182
    Loyola (MD) 223
    Colgate 233
    Lafayette 245
    American 249
    Holy Cross 250
    Army 310
    Navy 341

    6 YEAR AVG.

    Bucknell 160
    Holy Cross 221
    American 257
    Lafayette 263
    Colgate 286
    Lehigh 283
    Navy 324
    Army 331

    At least Lehigh seems headed in the right direction.

    ’07-’08 332
    ’08-’09 342
    ’09-’10 341
    ’10-’11 274
    ’11-’12 224
    ’12-’13 180
    ’13-’14 ???? (incomplete at the moment)

    All that said, I wouldn’t read too much into Strength of Schedule. Sure, as fans, we’d all like to play a Top 100 team every night we take the floor. Or, at least a team ranked higher than 200. But, that’s not always possible for a variety of reasons or, for that matter, is it a sure-fire way to prepare yourself for league play. Take for instance the 2011-12 season. That year we used the 224th ranked OOC schedule as a springboard to win the PL Conference Tournament and went onto score our first victory in NCAA tournament play. The season in which we claimed both the PL Regular Season and Tournament Championship (2009-10), we prepped ourselves first by playing the 341 worst ranked OOC Schedule. Go figure!

    Don’t think I’m a big apologist for the administration. I assure you, I’m not. Just keepin’ it real and, like most of you, hoping for improved levels of competition (Top 150 on average would be fine year in – year out) and some home contests featuring teams, as has been mentioned before, out of the Atlantic 10. It seems like a “no-brainer” – the A-10, that is. It’s a strong (7th ranked last year) yet neighboring (11 of their 13 teams within a six hour drive of Bethlehem) conference with strong athletic programs and active alumni followings. What more can you ask for?!

    The scheduling duties fell to Coach Ott last year. No excuses……just the fact. Whomever inherits the reigns this season will have his hands full, no doubt. Lord, may he hear our cry.



    It’s official! What was only a strong hunch back in April (see earlier post) is now fact. We kick off the year @ Minnesota on November 8th.

    See the Golden Gopher Schedule, Latest Summer News, and Roster below. Let’s make this a memorable debut – in the worst way – for newly hired Coach Richard Pitano!




    PS LUHoops00, you can now confirm your travel plans. Wish I were going!



    Well our home schedule will suck and I will never understand why this team didn’t go abroad in August, but at minny is a great game, combine with legends classic and this young team will be tested out of the gates boys!

    FYI I am goin to that minny game barring a disaster and FYI minny va penn state football is that Saturday at UM! Doubleheader weekend!




    Just back to looking at Lehigh hoops after a hiatus. Good stuff from everyone, especially on recruiting. As usual, the schedule is a huge disappointment, especially the home slate. I have bitched about it for years, and this year seems no different. Bucknell can put together a schedule every year, as can a school like Princeton, but we are stuck with the garbage picked from a few bottom feeder conferences. I don’t understand this fascination with schools like St. Francis. No draw at home, and no interest to go out to Western PA to see them on the road. They have been horrible since the 70’s. I fall into the camp of play Big 5 schools (or even Drexel), and get rid of the Bryants, Quinnipiacs and Riders. Get us an A-10 game or better yet a Catholic 7 + game. Add a Seton Hall or better Ivies (Penn and Princeton), etc. At least Loyola and BU upgrade the schedule by default.

    I would also like to see some guarantee games that are reasonable distances away. The VCU game last year was amazing, and Pitt is fine, but who is going to travel to Waco to see Baylor, or out to Iowa State? I know they usually treat them like homecomings, but I would love to see an ACC guarantee game (we once played Muggsy Bogues and Wake Forest). Maybe I have to wait for the SW homecoming vs. UNC, NC State, or Wake in probably 3 years.

    The reason why padding the schedule makes absolutely no sense is we play in a ONE BID LEAGUE. We are not going to pad up the wins to 25 fluffs and get an at-large. Never going to happen. And, the NIT auto-bid requires us to win the conference, so playing 300+ RPI schools will never make any sense. You build a program by playing all-comers, at home and on the road.


    The reason why padding the schedule makes absolutely no sense is we play in a ONE BID LEAGUE. We are not going to pad up the wins to 25 fluffs and get an at-large. Never going to happen. And, the NIT auto-bid requires us to win the conference, so playing 300+ RPI schools will never make any sense. You build a program by playing all-comers, at home and on the road.

    This is a fantastic point. I do think there is something to be said for playing a few teams that should be wins because it builds confidence and gets a team used to being a favorite and taking care of business. I like the thirds model. 1/3 games you should win, 1/3 toss ups, and 1/3 “reach” games. And no, a reach game does not need to be Minnesota on the road or another garauntee game. It could be St. Joe’s at their place as part of a 2 for 1. Agree though, that padding your record with W’s does nothing for a Patriot League program. Maybe getting 20 wins gets you into the CBI, but who here enjoyed that last season?



    To ‘90’s’ point about scheduling local talent, i.e., Seton Hall, Penn and Princeton and doing away with the likes of Bryant, Quinnipiac, and Rider. I hear you and agree that while it would perhaps drive up local interest, I’m not sure it would do anything to improve our strength of schedule based on last year’s resulting RPIs of:

    Seton Hall 133
    Penn 180
    Princeton 126
    Three team average: 180

    Bryant 167
    Quinnipiac 194
    Rider 139
    Three team average: 167

    Toss in LaSalle (155.3), Delaware (151.3), Temple (141.2), and Drexel (206) and we’ve down little to move the needle in the direction we’d all like to see. In short, Scheduling is a bitch. And, we hear it from around the nation. No one, with the possible exception of Holy Cross fans, appear satisfied with their non-conference array of talent. I give you these quotes from two message boards:

    >American – rungmc says, “Our schedule blows.”
    >Minnesota – afurry91 says, “Great. We actually play New Orleans and Coastal Carolina. And WTF? Texas A&M Corpus Christi? How many 300+ rpi opponents do we have? “

    As for cupcakes, everyone wants them. It’s just the way it is these days. For example, I give you the upcoming 2013-14 non-conference schedules PRIs of……………

    Marquette 188.2
    West Virginia 183.5
    St. John’s 181.2
    Washington 172.6
    Minnesota 172.1
    Michigan State 164.8
    Penn. State 161.4
    Oklahoma 153.0
    Nebraska 151.9
    Ohio State 144.6

    Around the PL you have (to date):

    Holy Cross 145.5
    Bucknell 172.6
    Lafayette 180.3
    American 209.0
    Navy 259.3

    Like Stabler Bum, I Iike the 1/3rd, 1/3rd, 1/3rd idea for all the reasons given. Now, while our schedule is not yet complete (I can only hope we fill in another game or two-please may they be at home) nor is it official, Lehigh is flittering with the desired 1/3rd – 1/3rd – 1/3rd arrangement with:

    Top 1/3: Minn (30), Pitt (44), and South Dakota State (62)*

    Middle 1/3: Rider (139), Byrant (167),Texas Southern (186)

    Bottom 1/3: Fordham (238), Sacred Heart (253), and St. Francis (PA) (322)

    • There’s always a chance we’ll play Howard (334) in the MTE and not So. Dakota State. Were that to happen, our non-conference SOS would certainly take a hit.


    Few points:

    Top 1/3: Minn (30), Pitt (44), and South Dakota State (62)*

    SDSU lost Nate Wolters, the #38 pick in the NBA draft, I’d be shocked if they are anywhere near a #62 RPI this year if we even play them.

    Second, a HOME game with Rider would be categorized as a “should win” in my thirds scheduling philosophy, and not a toss up. A game @Rider would qualify as a toss-up though. Same can be said for any other roughly 150+ RPI game at home.

    Lastly, Vermont just released their schedule and the managed to get St. Joseph’s and Siena to both visit their 3,200 seat gym in Burlington, Vermont. They are a perenially good mid-major, in a tough to get to location, and have mediocre facilities. These excuses are getting old – Lehigh doesn’t want to play anyone besides a few BCS teams OOC every year. It’s philosophical at this point.



    No news but wanted to bump this up as I am flabbergasted that we still don’t have our schedule out yet, per twitter it’s close but still not final. I’m sure we’re not the last team in the country to put out our schedule it feels that way!

    Also agree with SBum our scheduling is a philosophy at this time – few big boys and bunch of crap.



    Just booked my flight out to minny for the opener, fired up! Let me know if anyone plans on joining me.



    If we don’t see a schedule soon, I am going to publish my own. And it will include a game against D3 Bob’s College of Surfing. Maybe shame will be an effective tool…


    If we don’t see a schedule soon, I am going to publish my own. And it will include a game against D3 Bob’s College of Surfing. Maybe shame will be an effective tool…

    Haha, I’m looking forward to it and I’ll bet you have to. Last year they didn’t release the schedule until October 3rd, so we could still have a few weeks.

    BTW, one of the opponents I have long advocated for, Delaware, released their “tentative” schedule yesterday. They are playing Hampton, Army, and Delaware State on the road. They also have Charleston Southern (twice! home & away) and Robert Morris at home that may be part of ongoing series. Certainly appears that the Blue Hens were looking for games. Who would you rather see Delaware (local, football rival, and CAA contender) or St. Francis PA / Saced Heart?


    lol, maybe Bob’s will be a future H & H series.



    A little off topic but in line with the standard messaging that administratively our program operates like the business model of a Blockbuster to everyone else’s Netflix, we are old school and slow! That might have sounded better in my head them on paper but I am sticking with it as an analogy. Anyway, did anyone notice that our new coach kyle griffin who was seemingly a decent tweeter tweeted out on July 28 that he was new assistant coach and several hoops sites and twitter accounts reported the same. Groffin that day responds to a few congratulatory tweets and then shuts out twitter until 6 days ago, or the same day when lehigh sports web site pushes out their big news breaking article on a new assistant coach.

    Few questions – why did it take 5 weeks to announce what the public already knew? Why did Griffin swear off twitter for this same period? Why did he rejoin twitter on day article came out? Perhaps just a coincidence that I LU someone as stupid as myself picked up on but I love you guys and tend to over share my dumb hypotheticals.

    Anyway, after you chew on that, the standard questions of why we always late with schedule announcements and things like that frustrate me.



    FYI schedule still not out!

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