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    I attended the talk on campus dealing with Lehigh Sports on the National Stage.
    Joe Sterret was unable to attend due to a family matter (new grandfather) but Bill Griffin filled in admirably.Some information I was able to glean:
    1.)There is a verbal agreement with Baylor with a date for this coming season. It is not finalized but seemed pretty secure to me.
    2.)Lehigh has been invited to the Pre-Season NIT in the Pittsburgh pod. The other teams in the pod are Pitt, Robert Morris and I think Delaware. The winner goes on to the semi-finals at Madison Square Garden. Interestingly, the 12 pod losers will continue to play in a second round of games. Lehigh has been asked if they are interested in seving as a host site for this next round of games. The locations will not be decided however until it is known who moves on.
    3.)Lehigh is still in talks to play another top shelf opponent. I’m not sure if I can tell the name since it is still in the early stages.
    4.)As someone from this board deduced earlier, the vast majority of “name” schools want nothing to do with us this year and there is virtually no interest in playing us on our home court. The effort is clearly there but I suspect nothing will be finalized until August.

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