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    I can’t speak for all the schools, but I know for a fact that it would not result in a large increase for Colgate. I’d rather not divulge the details on a forum like this, but a family member of mine was deeply involved with the Colgate study several years ago. I am not sure of Lehigh’s exact situation, but I thought it was similar to Colgate’s.
    Why do you say that Title IX will effect some of the other schools? Are they lacking in scholarships or grants in aid for women’s sports?



    "RichH" wrote: Well Bill certainly must agree. It is amazing what a combination of arrogance, ignorance of facts and incompetence can achieve. Weiss not only embarassed himself but also Lafayette and the PL. Bucknell spent the time and $$ to study scholarships. One would think Lc would have done the same over the last 2 yrs. Guess not. Weiss decides to be an ideologue and squeeze only such information as agrees with his preconceptions into his rationale for dispensing with the issue forthwith :? What is it that makes him want to be a lickspittle for the Ivies? Feel bad for all those LC alums like the Bourgers who put so much $$ into facilities that Weiss would rather use to worship the Ivy Gods. :x

    What really amazed me not so much that Weiss was against scholarships – that’s his prerogative to feel and vote in that way – but his striking lack of vision of a league future with the status quo instead. He was unable to offer a vision for enhancing and expanding the Patriot League with the current aid structure – aside from the obligatory genuflection in the direction of the Ivies.

    I think the one thing everyone can agree on is the fact that his statement was most notable for what it lacked than what it contained.



    The PL scholarship meetings are Monday/Tuesday this week?

    Will there be a definitive announcement on the meetings, or will there be further study on the situtation?

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