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    It was like a completely different LU defensive unit out there Saturday — quiet impressive. Playing with real passion. Coaches and players made some great changes. They’ll have to contain Colgate QB next week.

    I was glad to see Sherman get more chances this week (as opposed to rotating with others). He took advantage. Impressed with Shafnisky — 11 of 12 pretty darn good, reminds me of Lafayette freshman QB numbers from a couple of weeks ago. Both he and McHale made good decisions.

    I’m a little surprised LC could not get more yardage vs. Colgate. Maybe Gate has stiffened its D, too.


    I was at goodman yesterday. The defense was much more aggressive, bringing lots of pressure. We did a great job containing cross’s freshman QB.

    I was very impressed with shafnisky. I know other teams have been talking up their Frosh qb’s (Lafayette, cross), but I think nick will be as good as, or better than either of those two after its all said Nd done.

    Lastly, Sherman looked great. Quicker and faster than any other time this year, in my opinion. Let’s hope we can beat Gate this weekend, and put ourselves in position to take the title.


    Gate with healthy McCarney tough at home.Thankfully D ,even with Shaffner coaching them up,is not good. D finally played an uptempo challenging D ,per Andy’s order.It has to continue.



    There were far more positives than negatives in this game but am I the only one who is frustrated with the DBs backpedaling 10 yds on 3rd and 3s esp against the slot receiver. We are far more effective when we play them tight. Opponents have completed about 2/3 of their passes against us and we really haven’t faced any lights out QB yet.


    TMH:You’re not the only one frustrated by the soft coverage by the CBs. I am, too. I’ve only seen one game in person (rest on TV), but it seems the safeties normally are not in a great position to help on the deep ball — Ward, at least, is aggressive on the run.

    We’ve not faced any lights out QBs? I definitely agreed with you a few weeks ago. But now??? Our pass D looks a little better … Here are the latest national NCAA stats:

    Team passing offense:

    No. 3: Fordham (what a year they’ve had!)
    No. 9: Lehigh
    No. 14: Princeton (what a year they’ve had!)
    No. 24: Lafayette
    No. 37: Holy Cross

    Passing efficiency:

    No. 3: Nebrich (Fordham)
    No. 6: Epperly (Princeton)
    No. 7: Brock Jensen (North Dakota State — remember him from two years ago?)
    No. 18: Gavin McCarney (Colgate)
    No. 19: Nick San Giacomo (Central Connecticut — surprise to me)
    No. 27 BB (Lehigh)
    No. 37 Pete Pujals (Holy Cross)

    Yes, this week will be quite a challenge. And Colgate does not want to lose — they know what’s coming.

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