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    First off, I want to say I just joined and it is nice to see some familiar names on here from the AGS website.

    I have a question about buying Lehigh sports apparel. Earlier today I was on both the Lehigh athletics site and the Lehigh bookstore site, and I noticed the sports apparel sold on each site is different. To me, that is very strange. What exactly is the difference and why is there a difference? I know when I’ve attended football games at Goodman and basketball games at Stabler that the apparel sold at games is generally what is available on the Lehigh bookstore site; however the apparel on the Lehigh athletics site is often NOT available at games.

    For reference purposes, here are the links to the two sites:

    Lehigh athletics store site:

    Lehigh bookstore site:

    I’ll note one other thing – the Lehigh items on the sports apparel site are mostly different than the items sold on either of the two sites listed above. (For some other schools that have both an athletics on-line store site and a bookstore site, the items on are often very similar to those on their athletics on-line store site.)

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