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    Gonna be a long year living with that debacle.
    The good
    Shaf 59.74%,2373 yds,14 TD,12int
    722 rush less sacks 526 4TD
    Pelletier 49c,815 yds
    Yosha 332y,5.3
    Leigh 193y,7.3
    The bad
    D in season gave up
    33.19 pts per g
    Total yds. 5232,475.6 per game
    So how does Andy fix this team?



    The defense was so bad all year it is almost impossible to believe. Virtually every time Lafayette ran a sweep in yesterdays game they got a minimum of 5 yards. They started out the game running the same play (sweep left) 3 times in a row and each time it went for substantial yardage. Our pass rush was anemic all year and our defensive backs were consistently out of position and not looking back to locate the ball at the appropriate time. I can’t believe our defensive personnel is that much worse than anyone else in the Patriot League, so I conclude the problem has to be coaching. I think we need a new defensive coordinator and a totally new approach. The defensive scheme should revolve around the strengths of the players not trying to fit the players into a predetermined scheme. I would leave the decision of whether to replace the defensive position coaches to the new coordinator.

    I give the offense a little bit of a pass just because we lost so many of our starting offensive linemen. Two were lost before the season started and two more in the Yale game. I’m sure that impacted our offensive productivity all season long. That being said, I do think a change at the quarterback position is in order. Shafnisky is a gamer and a good runner. However, he does not have the arm strength and accuracy most Lehigh quarterbacks have had over the last 40 years.


    How long before the “Hire Cecchini” chant begins? I think Andy better turn this thing around pretty quickly now that Dave is getting head coaching experience at Valpo, which, by the way, had a better record this year than we did.


    A couple more years,I would guess. Assuming we show a lot more next year. At this point,I almost would take one of Andy’s first yrs. At least we were in most every game.



    BTW, Valpo lost to playoff bound San Diego on a 44yd td pass as time expired. Nice improvement in his first year there.



    Has there been any word on next years schedule.

    Sept 5 at Monmouth ?
    Sept 12 at JMU confirmed
    Sept 19
    Sept 26 at Princeton confirmed
    Oct 3 bye ?
    Oct 10
    Oct 17
    Oct 24
    Oct 31
    Nov 7
    Nov 14 at Colgate ?
    Nov 21 Lafayette confirmed

    Fordham – away
    Bucknell – away
    Holy Cross – home
    Georgetown – home

    2 more Ivies (Yale?, Cornell?)

    I would think that the last 2 must be home games.

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    Thanks Rich for putting the league stats on this blog .Maybe some people might be SURPRIZED to find out our Lehigh QB was second in the league in almost all OFFENSIVE stats .60% passing I suppose is pretty good considering the lose of 4 linemen to injuries and a line who gave up a bunch of sacks . I guess to the pro scouts who write comments on this blog a QB does not need time to throw or time to look for open receivers .I also watched the replay and heard the tv play by play guys more than once that there were no Lehigh receivers open .It is hard to have a passing game when the D rush 3or4 guys and drops 7or8 back in pass protection .Overall looking back on the season IF Lehigh had any kind of DEFENSE they could have WON maybe 6 games .I totally agree with all the comments that the LEHIGH play calling has to be the worst in the league .The QB runs the plays that are given to him to run.The play calling has no imagination or innovation ,they are plays that high school teams use ,I cannot remember seeing any type of screen pass or dump offs to our RB,s .I think we had 1 on a pass to Leigh that did gain 5 or 6 yards on Sat. but that was in the 4th quarter .Thanks again Rich for putting out the league stats maybe some of guys will read them and see it was not as bad a year on offense as they thought .



    Shaf’s overall numbers were not the problem but the consistency was.

    Bucknell, 16-30, 53.3%, 193 yds, 0 TDs, 4 INTs
    Fordham, 16-25, 64%, 127 yds, 3 TDs, 0 INTs
    Colgate, 19-22, 86.36%, 204 yds, 1 TD, 0 INTs
    Yale, 20-36, 55.56%, 311 yds, 3 TDs, 3 INTs
    Lafayette, 8-19, 42.11%, 81 yds, 0 TDs, 1 INT

    At times, the offense looked very workmanlike and effective, but it wasn’t particularly explosive most times, either.


    Ah ,youth and a rookie OC. Not a combo for consistency. Past OCs in similar scene dummed down O for simpler and quicker reads. Not quite sure why OC schemed his game plans as we’ve seen.Imagine we’ll get a better take on him next year.



    Good catch 15. Saw the article, but wasn’t sure when series starts. I know I saw Penn listed the year after by IL. Like having Penn back. I truly hate them.



    Let’s hope we get some size next year, 2 linebackers a lineman and a qb is a good start though


    Andy’s stated agenda to re evaluate everything does not include any staff changes. He stated that such a turnover was a very difficult period. He ecpressed confidence in the coaches’ ability. His targets are recruiting better players and developing players better. Active recruiting started yesterday.I hope he is right.
    We all knew the TO in staff and the influx of new players would be difficult. Perhaps more so than anticipated. While every recruiting class is important,this year’s is crucial for LU. Looking at returning roster you dot see glaring holes as we have in past yrs. I hope the fr Dlinemen srep up. If not,DL and CB seem to be main areas in need of improvement.After that a RB,WR,P.




    I heard in the stands on Saturday that Shaf is going in for shoulder surgery, that its been a nagging problem all season. I wish him the best and a speedy return.

    I think Folmar and Sawyer are gone, when you base your whole offense around one player its a no brainer for the defense. Cant blame any of the players it has to fall on the coaching, plus when you only have 5 plays in your playbook well enough said.

    I like Botts however I believe he will be gone as well, the defense was horrible all year and nothing was done to try to improve it. Did not see any personnel changes all year just the same crap game after game.

    I sure Coach Cohen will make the necessary changes and hopefully concentrate on recruiting big lineman & D-Backs


    Nick’s arm has been an issue since Spring. Didn’t realize sugery contemplated.
    Sawyer has worked miracles with OL. OL on Sat had 1 starter. He lost both starting OGs coming into season. Then Rugg.Nunez and Short. We best pray that he stays. Folmar isn’t going anywhere. Andy doesn’t plan on firing anyone.

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