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    The potential upside for this player is so great, I’m afraid Coach Reed is wasting time on other “project players”:–improved-defence-gives-sweet-shooting-bluevale-grad-more-playing-time

    On an undersized squad, does it hurt to have a 6’5″ guard on the floor?  Where are the points going to come from next year?AD? BJB? MM?

    We are graduating 3 of our top 4 scoring threats this year.

    Mackey McNight is a dynamic player but how far beyond this year’s 11 ppg can he reasonably be expected to go?



    That is the million dollar question for next year, who is going to score the basketball?  I think you could get the following production:

    MM 15 ppg

    SC 12 ppg

    AD 10 ppg

    CS 8 ppg

    So, that is 45 ppg, and some of those averages might be generous.  You are going to need at least 25 more ppg from the incoming freshmen, plus JC and DC (one who hasn’t played and one who has been invisible).  I don’t think you can count on much on the offensive end from JG or CB.

    I guess we enjoy the next 20-25 games, and worry about that later.  But, unless we have some studs coming in, next year may be tough.



    I’ve seen Jesse Chuku at Taylor Gym working on his shooting game.  He is very systematic with his practice routine and has a very pretty stroke:

    high release, good backspin and big arch. Also, he looks taller than his 6’8″ bio.  I think he is going to be a factor next year ..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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