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    With OOC play at, or slightly beyond, the half-way mark (6 or so games into what on average is an 11 game schedule for most of the league participants), I thought it would be fun to look at how LU is doing relative to our conference mates in terms of Strength of Schedule (SOS). While we have each have had a different slate of game – some challenging and some not so challenging in terms of SOS – the PL team stats, taken against this backdrop, can be revealing. In many cases, the jury is still out on just how good or competitive we and the other PL teams will be once our season gets underway.

    First, let’s look at KenPom’s SOS for each of the 10 PL teams measured against the entire universe of D-1 teams numbering 351. Here LU sits mid-pack or 5th among the 10 PL teams in terms of the strength of competition faced to date. PL teams’ D-1 records appear in (parenthesis).

    1st. HC (2-1) @ 25 (24 pt. loss to #17 Syracuse and a one pt. win over #37 Harvard)

    2nd. Navy (1-5) @ 60 (four losses to Top100 teams…single win over 333 Binghamton)

    3rd. Boston U. (1-4) @ 76 (24 pt. loss to #1 Ky. coupled with 3 losses to teams 262+)

    4th. LC (4-1) @ 110 (3 of 4 wins to teams ranked 242 +)

    5th. LU (2-4) @ 121 (11 pt. loss to Villanova and 12 pt. win over DePaul)

    6th. Loyola MD (3-4) @ 132 (blow-out losses to Syracuse and Butler with 2 pt. win over Columbia)

    7th Bucknell (3-5) @ 133 (close in losses to Penn St. and Villanova with wins over teams ranked 261, 270, and 320)

    8th. Colgate (1-5) @ 134 (single win over 307 Campbell …seven pt. loss to Az. St.)

    9th. American U. (4-3) @ 175 (losses to Temple, La. Tech and Columbia with 3 wins over 235+ teams)

    10th. Army (5-1) @ 250 (24 pt. loss to Duke and five – four competitive – wins over lesser opponents)

    Some leading numbers that jump off the PL Stat Page:

    1st in Points Scored @ 79.8/game is Army
    1st or lowest in Points Allowed @ 49.3 is American

    1st or Highest Scoring Margin @ 5.8ppg is Army
    10th or Lowest Scoring Margin @ -14.0 is Loyola

    Highest FG% is LC @ .502
    Lowest FG% is Loyola @ .322

    Best FG% Defense is LU @ .397
    Worse FG% Defense is Navy @ .501

    Highest 3FG% is LC @ .419
    Lowest 3FG% is Loyola @ .294

    Best 3FG% Defense is Holy Cross @ .253
    Worse 3FG% Defense is Navy @ .429

    Sorry, Guys, for all the numbers. Just bored waiting around ‘til December 31.

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