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    Like ngineer, I was disappointed with the crowd count for Wednesday’s playoff game. The box score listed something like 1050. I was in attendance Wednesday and agree with that number. I expected at least 2500. Evidently, Sunday’s attendance could be even smaller due to Spring Break.

    Truth be told, I was planning to attend on Sunday, but decided against it. I discovered I will receive Sunday’s game on the CBS College Sports Network. I enjoy a huge Hi-Def television at home. I pay extra for the Directv Sports Package meaning I have an alternative in viewing the game live.

    At my age, viewing the game at home with an adult beverage in hand, shrimp and other goodies, is more appealing than driving/walking a quarter mile to see the event in person. Is this wrong?

    As technology advances, packing the house at Lehigh’s level becomes even more difficult. Sunday’s number will be interesting.



    I know this couldn’t have been helped, but the fact that EIWA is holding their wrestling championships earlier in the day means that the semifinal game is being played at night – which poses a major problem for me. I had fully planned to come up with the family on an afternoon, but now to get a sitter, make the drive up to Lehigh at night.. and come back home really late, with work the next day… it’s way harder.

    Having said that – if you’re a basketball hard-core, the possibility of going to Kirby for the 1pm start, hanging around Bethlehem for dinner, and catching the nightcap at 8 could be tempting. If I were younger and single, I’d probably go for it. But I understand the dilemma.


    Yes, I’m on the ‘horns’ myself. After spend two full days at Stabler for the EIWA, I’m going to find it hard to come back at 8 p.m., with work the next day. Seems like the Spring Break always occurs at tournament time…but even without, it doesn’t appear that most students give a damn anymore. Sickening.



    Again I take issue with the AD’s. They know it is Spring Break, which the players don’t get. Some of the PL teams will have a break. Good luck to both teams.



    Looks like my wife and I might be the only ones there. We’ll have to yell really loud! I think the team’s comfortable with having limited support. At least they should be. Maybe that’s why they picked up quite a few road wins this year. Go Hawks!



    It’s a shame, there will be a less than good crowd at the game. The players deserve better support. What worries me is…if the higher seeds win both games Sunday, the championship game would be Lehigh-Lafayette and Lafayette could have more fans at Stabler than Lehigh



    For a point of reference, last year’s women’s PL final, which was also Lehigh vs. Lafayette, was about 50/50. However, there was a pretty vibrant student section there, too (and I think school was in session).

    If Lehigh makes the championship game, and so does Lafayette, I think you’ll see a *lot* more people from the local area come, actually. It’s funny: having a game on ESPN does matter. Folks will show up to be on ESPN whereas they might not for, say, SE2.



    It looks like Lee and I will have to carry the load ourselves. What’s to like about the Oscars anyway? Actually it’s perfect timing…..the wife can stay at home to see the stars while I get still another chance to see the guys take another step toward the Championship. Set the DVR before leaving and relive it 90 minutes later when I get home. Perfect.

    Lee, let’s meet up in Section 4.

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