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    If the weather forecast were a little better — few showers scares me; 51/39 — I’d say I cannot wait to be at Goodman Saturday.

    Should be a heck of a game for all the marbles, especially w/Lafayette beating Fordham with FU’s backup QB.

    I kept waiting for a Gate comeback today, but it sounds like they were undermanned, particularly when their FB went down early. Still, lots of credit to the Lehigh D — not perfect, but clearly an improved, INSPIRED (emphasis on capitalization) and winning performance. Can’t wait to see them next week. They’ve become fun to watch the past two weeks.

    O calls today were interesting, including several game-changers. O-line was dominant, Sherman a tank (no pun intended) — just a very solid performance. Loved watching Shaf’s pass to Kurfis into double coverage in right corner of end zone. What a pass/catch!

    Looked on video like we had a great crowd at Gate today.



    I really enjoyed watching Sherman today. Looked like everything you want in a back – quick to the hole, breaking tackles, yards on 2nd effort, the whole deal.
    Also agree that defense has been looking much better. Making QBs move is always good in my book, and I saw pressure today.
    From the streaming video, our crowd seemed great – very loud, into the game. Championship game next weekend should be NUTS.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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