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    One of the best members of the Lehigh fan community is Go Lehigh TU Owl. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s a really loyal fan, and he’s made be at least keep Temple on my radar screen when I look over the world of college football.

    I was struck by Temple’s loss to Army this past Friday, and Temple is going through sort-of the same thing Lehigh is this week. They face off against Stony Brook of the FBS.


    Some of the quotes:

    Just like their coach, none of the players talked about having to win, but . . .

    “As a team we have to pick it up as a group and go out there and play with a lot more passion and energy,” quarterback Phillip Walker said. “We were kind of flat on Friday night.”

    How a team can be flat, especially with a home crowd of 34,005 in the opening game is a question Rhule and the players have been trying to answer. Rhule has been asked countless times since Friday if the Army game will serve as a wakeup call.

    “It is only a wakeup call if we play great football the rest of the year,” he said.

    It’s almost a direct parallel to Lehigh vs. Monmouth. That game is only a wakeup call if the Mountain Hawks play great football the rest of the year.


    Oh I have no doubt MU is a wake up call for us. Expect we will play much better. Is it possible for us to play as well as we can yet still lose? Yup. FFo me the crucial factor is that we play as good a game as possible for us vs Nova. That is all that we can control.



    I’m not as devout a fan as Go Lehigh TU Owl for either Lehigh or Temple, but like him I follow both teams, and I can tell you Temple’s surprising loss to Army* really reduced my interest in watching last Saturday’s games, including Lehigh’s game. That occurred even though I wasn’t able to watch the Army/Temple game. The portion of the Monmouth game I did watch (part of the 1st half) didn’t help matters.

    Lehigh, like Temple, has time to turn it around, but that has to start happening sooner rather than later. Unlike Temple however, Lehigh will play an opponent this Saturday that was/is expected to be better than them, so the Mountain Hawks may be facing an uphill battle to avoid an 0-2 start. Games at Penn and vs. Princeton, both of whom were competitive in the Ivy League last year, won’t be easy either. If Lehigh comes out of their first 4 games with a 2-2 record, I think they’ll be doing pretty well considering the home loss to Monmouth.

    *Temple had beaten Army in their last six meetings prior to this season, every year between 2008 and 2013, in most cases pretty easily. The Owls won those games even though in some of those seasons, most notably 2012 and 2013, Temple wasn’t very good. Additionally, Army was not a good team last year, and Temple was/is expected to post a winning season (and probably win at least 8 games) this year.

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