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    Keeping our string of **** recruits in tact. I believe he is one of our higher ranked recruits.



    Yes – another solid 4 * player.
    Is it reasonable for the program to move up to being a marquis program in the Northeast?
    To do so, there need to be a couple 5* players that are recruited or become so on an under the radar basis. The latter is difficult because the very talented players have almost always emerged by age 18.
    And, there need to be 2 added indoor courts so the chopped up scheduling situation for matches and tournaments is eliminated.
    The coaching is strong and the outdoor court situation is excelleny so the basics are there.



    I’m not certain how high the bar should be set.
    The first goal is to compete regularly with the Academies which has a very different recruiting paradigm from Lehigh’s. The Ivies are at a much higher level.

    In 2016, we have the following:
    Columbia and Yale each with 1

    5 star
    Army 2
    Yale 2
    Penn 2
    Harvard 2
    Columbia 1
    Princeton 1

    Army got 2 more 4 stars
    Boston U got 3
    Navy got 2 Bucknell 1

    The trick now is to train our 4 stars to beat some 5 stars.



    Add the two courts and a couple 5 * players in each program and Lehigh Tennis would stand out and shine!
    This cabin be done.
    Why not separate ourselves from the pack as we do in softball. It is a lot more fun!



    THM states that he is uncertain if Lehigh should set a high bar for tennis.

    Is this the new paradigm for Lehigh University?

    I submit the following commentary:

    “Climbing Magazine wrote that he carried in his wallet an inspirational quote that continued to drive him after summiting Everest. “The people who succeed and do not push on to a greater failure are the spiritual middle-classers. Their stopping at success is the proof of their compromising insignificance. How petty their dreams must have been.”



    I would love Lehigh to set the bar very high in all sports. I believe in the pursuit of excellence.
    I am just trying to temper your enthusiasm with a bit of reality. The coaches are in constant pursuit of 5 star recruits and they told me they thought they had one a few years ago.
    Here is where we stand right now. for the last 3 years, Lehigh has been a middle of the pack team in the PL, commonly going into the tournament seeded #4-#6. There are no PL teams in the top 75 in the country. The Ivies have at least 4. In order to become a top program in the Northeast, we need to first establish ourselves as an elite program in the PL. I have no idea how much money Lehigh has allotted to Tennis but we all know what Army and Navy offers. Competing against the Ivies for recruits is always a tough nut to crack esp in the lower tier sports.
    With that being said however I’d love for Lehigh to find a few diamonds in the rough to open some eyes.

    Men’s Cross Country may be an area where we have shown very good success including a couple of near All Americans. I think this year;s recruiting class, at least on paper, may be one of the best in a long time.



    Two 5* players in each program TOTAL


    The two adjoining indoor courts with a viewing platform and LU would be knocking on the door.

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