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    Thanks Fan, nice video. assumed he was a walk on but clearly a very good one. Heck of a tackler. Still quite a leap to FCS ball. He will need another 15-20 lbs to hold up over a long season. I am looking forward to see howhe compares with the other db recruits in this yrs class.



    Son of a football coach, although Christian Villasenor played high school 8man football, his football training and basic skills were developed in 11 man pop warner in some of the better teams in the country at his age group. His pop warner teamates have had very successful 11 man high school careers at California football powerhouses such as Taft, Birmingham, Crespi and Alemany high schools and this year have gotten full athletic scholarships to some of the better Div. IA colleges. Here is a sample:

    USC – DJ Morgan, RB
    Cal, Trajuan Briggs, RB
    Oregon, Bryan Bennett, QB
    Oregon State, Malcom Marable, RB

    Being chosen, and playing well in the 11 man all star game this last January was a verification of his playing ability at any high school level.

    [note – the opposing RB’s and QB’s that were tackled in the highlight video were in the range of 160 to 240 lbs, with most being in the 190-220 lb range., comparable to the size of Patriot League running backs]

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