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    You beat me to the punch, LUHoops00. Well said!

    Let me add that I found the Bucknell fans, without exception, to be a class act last night at the game.



    I noticed on both this board and Bucknell board that 137 had vanished. Poof, gone. I searched and searched today. Nothing. No corrections, no recap, no nothing. It’s OK, you can say it, Lehigh is better than Bucknell. CJ is better than Muscala. The first step to recovery is admitting your mistakes. Lehigh may only draw 1200 per contest, but those 1200 will be watching us DANCE on TV next week. Who’s your daddy?

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    Gotta love the one where the trainer, Jena, cuts down the rope. She keeps the guys healthy. Why the hell not, let her cut a huge piece of the string. And Reed, fists pumping? Man, can they find the fire in the next group of recruits that they got from Maneri, Adams and Hamilton. There was a shot of Hamilton and Adams hugging and man it looked as if Adams was emotional. Man, I love it. Can’t wait until next year’s squad arrives. Go SENIORS!!!




    Now you know that Bison will keep that quote and rub it in your face as soon as he gets the chance. I love it, Who’s your daddy! You’re gonna get it:).



    Also saw bison trolling on crossports(hc site) where again his only postgame quote was to make fun of our poor attendance. I’m just reporting folks, the facts as I read them.



    Thank you for your kind words, fans of Bucknell basketball. I know I speak for all Lehigh supporters when I say that we respect and admire the Bucknell basketball program and look forward to the start of the 2012-13 campaign.

    The better team won last night. kudos to Lehigh…….raymondbucknell

    It is a major letdown, but Bucknell gave it a god shot and should hold their heads high. Hopefully they can regroup and grab a win or two in the NIT. Thanks for a great game, guys….MrPhillie

    True, we were not embarrassed, but we were beaten. I have to imagine that if we somehow pulled it off at the end, LU and their fans would have gone home thinking that the better team last night did not win. I cannot imagine any BU fan who saw the game thinking that we were the better team last night….bison63

    Lehigh earned their victory….candyfan11

    Really tough loss. Both teams played their hearts out, and unfortunately, Lehigh was one shot better. The Bison have nothing to be ashamed of….buFan

    Lehigh established tone and tempo. Game was too fast for us. We had zero flow on offense. Players and coach totally lost poise….SDQ

    LU was definitely the better team tonight but we had a chance to pull it off….BisonKid

    Better team won, plain and simple. LU took it to us, took us off our game. We could have played another 20 minutes and still never caught them…bison63

    I agree. Lehigh deserved this win. Hats off to Moose — he played his heart out….Bucknell73

    Hats off to Lehigh. My view one of the best played (and officiated) PL games ever. Both teams were playing at a very high level. CJ was just too good….atlantabison



    Further to your point, LUHoops00, regarding Bison137 and his talk of attendance……….

    After beating Lafayette in the PL Championship game last year, Bison137 had this to say in his first post-game post on the BU Board:

    “I was surprised how small the Lafayette turnout was. Based on the talk, I was expecting well over 1000 and it ended up being maybe half of that. Very small student turnout also.”

    Win or lose, I guess he can’t help himself. He must throw attendance tarts at the other team.

    For more on this year’s attendance diatribe, be sure to log onto the BU Board. It’s getting funny with LU06 and the master going head-to-head.


    The culture has changed at Lehigh,and for the worse. It’s not just basketball. Horrible attendance for the great football season and we had great weather. No full house at Grace for wrestling anymore. Students now have ‘other distractions’ and can’t be bothered with ‘jock stuff’. I dare say, the student body has become more nerdy, if that’s possible. On top of that is the harrassment by administration for any suspicion of drinking. There were great crowds at Stabler when Queenan and Polaha had their great run. Twelve years ago, Goodman had AVERAGE crowds of 10,000, with some in the 12-13,000 range sans Laughyette. It’s not just basketball, and it’s sad.

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