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    Game Notes … 031210.pdf

    Numbers, numbers, numbers

    Records over the last 12 games (including both LU/LC meetings)…………….

    Lehigh: 9 and 3……….. 6 and 1 at home
    Lafayette: 6 and 6………… 1 and 4 on the road

    National Rankings……both teams can shot
    2 pt. FG Accuracy
    LU 47.8% (88th ranked)
    LC 50.9% (69th ranked)
    (Syracuse is top-ranked @ 57.3%)
    3 pt. FG Accuracy
    LU 40.2% (8th ranked)
    LC 38.2% (30th ranked)
    (Cornell is top-ranked @ 43.8%)
    Free Throw Accuracy
    LU 71.6% (88th ranked)
    LC 76.2% (7th ranked)
    (BYU is top-ranked @ 77.8%)

    Point Distribution (% of total points – season stats)
    2’s 50.2%
    3’s 26.5%
    FT’s 23.3%

    2’s 33.8%
    3’s 43.9%
    FT’s 22.3%

    Sagarin’s Ranking and Line
    LU 205
    LC 241
    LU – 8

    Pomeroy Rankings
    LU 186
    LC 240

    LU 160
    LC 212

    Importance of the "3" to Lafayette over the last 12 games (including both LU/LC meetings)

    In their 6 wins, they hit for an average of 47.2%
    In their 6 losses, they connected on just 25.2% of their tries

    When asked about his team’s success in a recent radio interview, Kobe Bryant said, "You play ‘D’ and rebound the ball………the offense takes care of itself." While that no doubt applies to many teams, it’s certainly fits the 2009-10 Mountain Hawks. The task ahead of us on Friday is to do just that – play D and rebound the ball, somewhat confident in the fact our shooters will step up and score 75 or more points as they have in 13 of their 16 PL contests this year. Watching Reed – his team up by 18 with 5 minutes to go against AU – direct Hall and Company to pick up the advancing Eagles at half-court and pressure / trap the ball feet outside the 3 point arc was a clear indication to me that he had Lafayette on his mind. Lehigh simply can’t afford another Leopard "90 point / 16 for 29 from three" shooting performance if they intend to play on into the NCAA’s.



    The buzz I hear is that you had better get your tickets if you want a seat in the building. Stabler is going to be packed.



    I’m writing my analysis of the game later tonight – but I don’t disagree with you at all. I think we’re going to see more of Prentice Small on the perimeter defending the ball coming down the court. And – could we see more of that 4-guard set we saw against Army?



    I’m with you, Chuck. I foresee Ojo, whose defense has improved dramatically, getting a lot of time in a four guard set. I like him late, too, when free throws become even that more important. Small? He’ll get his minutes, but not at the expense of Hall, our senior leader. Tbis game has been four years in the making for Marquis. I doubt he’ll let us or himself down. Prentice has proven to be a one dimensional – drive and dish offensive player. He’s good, very good at what he does…disrupt on defense and distribute the ball on offense. But, when is the last time you saw a 3 point attempt come out of his hands? Teams know that and adjust accordingly. I’m extremely interested to see who Buchberger guards. He handled Vlad very well but will probably see more face time against the Leopard’s shooting guards. As I said, we need to rebound the ball (shouldn’t be a problem looking over the comparative stats) and play disruptive "D," ala the game against American. The offense will take care of itself.



    Good thoughts. Also – for what it’s worth – I don’t think Buch was 100% versus Lafayette, whereas he’ll be totally fresh this time around. His forte is defense, and he could also be a huge factor.



    My preview: … as-it.html

    I think Lehigh, behind the senior leaders, will take this game.

    Lehigh 72
    Lafayette 63

    See you there!



    Wow. What a game. I’ll finish my write-up tomorrow, but am I glad Zahir is on our team.

    We’re Patriot League Champions! And we’re dancin!




    :D Z really came to play. He controlled the inside. Perimeter D was superb. Moved Pard shooters off their spots. Great crowd for both squads. I am watching the game again now. I am already spoiled by CJ. Did not appreciate during game how well he played. Marquis ran the game so well both on D and O. We will miss him next year. On to the NCAA and hope we arent in the PIG



    That was as impressive a performance as I’ve seen from Lehigh all season. The seniors willed this team to victory.
    Zahir was a monster, Buchberger had a big game defensively and hit double figures. Marquis had 7 assists. And then there was the nation’s best freshman who won’t be in the NBA next year…20 points from CJ McCollum.
    This team deserves to bypass Dayton and to directly to a match-up against a #1 seed.

    bogus megapardus
    bogus megapardus

    :!: :!: :!:

    Congratulations, guys An impressive performance. Go make us all proud!



    Focused before the game and possessed during the game can best described what I saw in Mr. Carrington from three rows up off center court. He and his fellow roommates and senior members of this team were not going to let this be their last game together. No way.

    Once said in a previous post, "just rebound the ball and play ‘D,’ the offense will take care of itself." It did.

    LU 40
    LC 33

    FG% Against
    LC shot 36.4% overall and 13.0% from 3 on 3 for 23 shooting
    (LC held to 59 points………14.5 points below their PL regular season average of 73.5)

    Scoring Output
    LU hit 74 points on 49.1% shooting
    (PL regular season average: 79.1 points on 47.3% shooting)

    You could tell it the Mountain Hawks were ready to play from the opening tip. After a missed 3 by LC’s Gruner, Lehigh went on to make 4 of their first 5 shots (two 3’s by CJ, a 3 by DB and a 2 by DB….all assisted), while pulling down 4 boards and executing a steal. Yeah, game on! Score after 2 minutes and 53 seconds: LU 11 / LC 4.

    Some interesting numbers

    A noisy 4,259 were in attendance and yes, the LU Student Section was filled even though the Spring Break hadn’t ended. Tremendous spirit from both ends of the court. Awesome atmosphere. Best witnessed since that magical day back in March of ’04. It must have made for good ESPN2 coverage. Time to watch the DVR.

    LC took 11 more shots (66 to 55) but hit 3 less buckets (24 to 27)

    Points in the Paint (36 to 28, advantage Lehigh)

    Points off Turnovers (18 to 8, advantage Lehigh)

    2nd Chance Points (11 to 4, advantage Lehigh)

    Score Tied 0 times

    LC guard tandem of Mauer and Kari went 1 for 10 from deep, getting very few open looks in 61 minutes of combined court time

    Solid LU line score outside points and rebounds
    18 assists on 27 made baskets
    4 blocks
    7 steals

    Marquis Hall’s 3 points on just 1 for 7 shooting. With 7 assists and just four turnovers in 31 minutes, no one, however, is complaining.

    Again, it’s getting to be commonplace, 4 Mountain Hawks hit for double figures

    Buchberger again proved why he’s one of PL best clutch 3pt. shooters hitting 3 of 5 – all seemingly well timed to halt what were sporadic attempts at a Lafayette uprising

    CJ had a quiet night getting only 5 in the second half (20 overall) on a 7 for 15 shooting. Unselfish play continued with 3 assists (one under the basket to Zahir that lead to a dunk…thing of beauty). Oh yeah, he had 7 boards.

    Michael Ojo proved again he’s not the guy to foul late in the game or anytime. He hit his customary 80% on 4 for 5 shooting. Then again, who do you foul? ………Greiner @ .875, CJ @ .813, Buchberger @ .800, Keefer @ .794, or Hall @ .722

    Zahir-Zahir-Zahir …. 9 for 11 shooting (18 pts.), 10 boards and 4 blocks (I think the official scorer missed a couple). ESPN Top 10 Plays of the Day had Mr. Carrington at his best.


    Keymaster … tball.html

    Once again, congratulations to the men’s basketball team for an awesome ride all season. I can’t wait for tomorrow to find out that we play Duke. 8-)



    Great win by the Mtn Hawks. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see who LU plays. So you think it will be Duke. If the players work hard in practice, they may make a game of it. Great year. Good luck in the NCAA.

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