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    Actually, this is becoming a very strong team. It is getting better in most areas and is doing so by the week. I believe the comments on this forum do not reflect how good the team is becoming. Bucknell is not great, of course, and is not a true measure but the second half against Harvard said a great deal. Spaedola is probably the best reciever in the League and Drawl and Zurn are excellent. Gordon has been injured but is now coming back like a house afire. In addition, the Tight Ends are very good. The passing game, to me, looks excellent.

    This is the best reciever group that Lehigh has had in many years and the linebackers are superb as is the O Line.
    Lum is improving signficantly and is gaining confidence and accuracy.

    The ground gain is also ramping it up and LU needs to use Barket more as he can break plays. The freshman, Sherman, is also quite good.

    They still make errors that are costly and the special teams do not have their act together. However, overall it is hard not to be impressed by what Coen, Ceccini, and Kotulski are doing!!


    Knocking off the Raiders next week will be huge. We’ve lost to them three years in a row and after their loss to Holy Cross, this is a must win for them to have any shot at a shared title, so they will be dangerous and I suspect Biddle will have some tricks planned. Eachus has to be contained with the D coming up big on third downs. I think the way the offense is jelling, we can put us some decent points, so the key will be stopping Eachus.


    What’s the talk of a shared title about? If we can beat Colgate next week, why wouldn’t we run the table?

    Holy Cross did beat Colgate, but they are not really that strong, Georgetown (really?) and although The Rivalry is not always about the best team winning, Lafayette is really weak this year.

    Cross 4-4
    G-town 3-5
    Pards 1-6

    Colgate is the team to beat for the league title. Beat Colgate, finish strong at 9-2 and hope for a home game against CAA 3rd or 4th.



    If Lehigh wins their next two games, and Lafayette loses at least one game vs. Colgate or Holy Cross, Lehigh will be 3-0 in conference with two sub-.500 teams left and everyone else eligible for the title (and, for that matter, Fordham) would have two conference losses.

    Just to give an idea as to what’s at stake this weekend. And that there will be a lot of Colgate fans around the league next weekend, too.


    Colgate’s going to be no pushover.

    It gained 356 yards against Holy Cross, but committed several key mistakes — giving up TD run on kickoff, losing 71 yards in penalties and two fumbles.

    They’ll be fired up against Lehigh. Plus, as engineer said: " … after their loss to Holy Cross, this is a must win for them to have any shot at a shared title, so they will be dangerous and I suspect Biddle will have some tricks planned." This will be the BIG game for Colgate this year.

    Colgate’s offense is tricky anyway, and we’ll have to be careful not to get beaten on passing. The Bucknell QB certainly was shifty, but the Colgate QB is not only shiftier, but is more experienced and should have a better receiving corps. BTW: From my limited view, I liked the way Bryan Andrews and Gabe Johnson played Saturday at DB, not that anyone else played poorly.

    Should be a great game!


    Agree that team is improving. Ol still not as good with run as it needs to be BU DL quite weak . Wr corps very deep and talented, even if no real speed. Spadola a long strider , not quick but has sure hands and can beat most dbs in this league on med and long passes. Deceptive speed. Zurn , Gordon, Drwal all with ok speed. Drwal is one of the toughest kids we’ve had with middle routes kid has no fear.

    DL solid , Lbs are exceptional and go 6-7 deep. Backfield , surprisingly , porous. altho ,Andrews may be the best cover corner we’ve had in a while.
    LU did cut down on the dumb mistakes. We need to do better next week. Maybe Eachus will get the flu :lol:

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