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    Well here is the bracket

    We get the winner of Navy and Pards to start. Hoping for Pards, but Navy should be favored.

    Guys are hitting on all cylinders now, keep it going. Really want another go at Buffs.



    There is obviously enough parity in this league that any team can beat any other team on a given day but personally I really, really like how this bracket eventually lined up.



    Lehigh played two close games with Navy, lost by 5 at home early in the league season, won by three in Annapolis during the win streak. Both wins over Lafayette were by double digits but a third game with Laf would be dangerous. Lehigh’s playing with a lot of confidence so I like their chances against either team



    The biggest advantage we have as I see it is that we don’t have to face Lehigh :-). They are peaking right now.



    I wish we got American, rather than Navy.



    I don’t know about you but I love our side of the bracket.

    I really love, LOVE the idea of Bucknell and Army in some sort of triple-overtime marathon in the semifinals. Either Colgate or Army have been proven to be dangerous opponents to Bucknell in particular. The team I wanted to miss the most is Army.

    Even missing out on Holy Cross in a possible grueling quarterfinal game is a good thing.


    Don’t look past Navy if we get them, they are a tough out



    When did people start calling Army, Army West Point (see bracket)? Is there another Army somewhere? I don’t see Navy Annapolis?

    Lot of parity in the league 1-8. Looks like we should get Navy, then BU on our home floor. Bucknell will also have some tough options in Loyola and either Army or Colgate. Seems like chalk usually reigns in these home floor tournaments. So, I think a Lehigh trip to Lewisburg next Wednesday is the likely scenario. But, really any loss in the tournament would not be shocking.



    As the 10 teams enter the Playoffs, here’s a brief look at their immediate past in terms of their overall record within the PL, their Last 6 Record, and the Winning or Losing Streak they may or may not be on.

    BUCKY (14-4, 4-2, 4 Ws)
    LU (13-5, 6-0, 9 Ws)
    BU (11-7, 4-2, 1 W)
    AWP (9-9, 5-1, 1 L)
    CU (9-9, 2-4, 2 Ls)
    AU (9-9, 4-2, 4 Ws)
    NAVY (9-9, 2-4, 4Ls)
    LOY (8-10, 1-5, 1 L)
    HC (5-13, 1-5, 5 Ls)
    LC (3-15, 1-5, 1 W)

    Based on the numbers above, it’s hard to argue against “chalk” picks in the early rounds of tournament play this year and concluding with a LU/BUCKY fight for the big prize on Wednesday, March 9th. Actually, it’s quite the norm for the #1 and #2 to square off against each other for the title. Dating back to the 2005-6 season (maybe even further back…just got tired of checking), the top two teams have clashed six out of 10 times. But, you need not go back any further than last year when it came down to a #4 seed (LC) beating a #6 seed (HC) for the grand prize and a trip to the NCAAs. The Leopards did it in style with preliminary wins over #5 BU and #1 Bucknell. Bottom line: don’t count out the gang from Easton and the wisdom of Coach O’Hanlon when it comes to March basketball.

    Speaking of Lafayette, they’re getting set to take-on Navy down in Annapolis in Tuesday’s Round One game with the prize being a trip into Stabler on Thursday. The Leopards will have to dig deep as they have but one road win in the PL this year and are 0-2 vs. the Midshipmen. While, on the other hand, Navy is 3 and 5 at home and 2– 0 vs Lafayette this year. They ran over the Leopards by 26 early in the year and came from behind later in the year to win by 6 up in Easton. Navy – while winless over their last four – have gone up against some of the League’s best in Seed #s 1, 2, 4, and 6. The pick here is Navy – a team picked to finish 10th but finished 4th in the League and a team that now boasts the PL’s Defensive Player of the Year, Will Kelly. The League tells us, “Kelly averages 10.5 points, 5.8 rebounds and 2.6 blocks. He leads the Patriot League in both field goal percentage (.620) and blocks per game. Kelly ranks ninth in the NCAA in total blocks (91) and is 14th nationally in blocks per game. Kelly led the Patriot League in blocks per game for the second straight season. Kelly’s 81 blocks this season are the fifth most in a single season.”

    Yes, it won’t be easy come Thursday at Stabler

      KenPom’s Early Take

    Navy over Lafayette by 12 (75-63)
    Loyola over Holy Cross by 6 (70-64)



    [quote quote=25797]When did people start calling Army, Army West Point (see bracket)? Is there another Army somewhere? I don’t see Navy Annapolis?[/quote]

    Happened last spring – a full “re-branding”. I think a lot of people were left scratching their heads; seems like a mouthful, to me. Nike was involved – but it’s hard to imagine gear sales could be a big deal for Army. But maybe I’m wrong on that; they are certainly a “national” brand.

    Army -> Army West Point



    The re-branding story



    Wow, I totally missed that whole thing. Glad to see our tax dollars going to such a ridiculous thing.



    While the consensus pick has to be Navy tonight, wouldn’t it be nice to welcome Lafayette to Stable on Thursday?

    As a guy who bleeds the proverbial Brown and White, it hurts me to say it but I’m pulling for O’Hanlon’s bunch tonight. My reasoning is simply based on LU’s past performances against each of the two teams, the acknowledged strength of Navy, and the thought of seeing a full house (ok, a big house) at Stabler once in my life.

      Our performance this year Vs. Lafayette

    15 point win in Easton
    12 point win at Stabler

      Our performance this year Vs. Navy

    5 point loss at Stabler
    3 point win at Annapolis

      Navy’s Strength

    Ability to outscore us and others this year in the paint:
    In the game we won, they did it by 24 (36 to12)
    In the game we lost, they did it by 28 (48 to 20)
    Against Bucky a few days ago, they did it by 8 (28 to 20)

    Multiple scoring threats

    4 double-digits guys each night is not that unusual

    Against us: Kelly/Anderson/Lacy
    16 for 270 and 41 points
    19 for 30 and 46 points

    Team Ball

    While it hasn’t always been the case, you had to be impressed with 21 assists on 23 made field goals against Bucky a few days ago




    I’m with you, 65. I think the rivalry adds to the excitement and to the draw for the game.


    bring on the squids

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