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    Lehigh can clinch the No. 3 seed with:

    * a win at Holy Cross next weekend; or
    * a win at Bucknell on Wednesday and the "perfect storm" happening in games outside their control (Army over LC, Colgate over HC, American over Navy).

    I like those odds. What I don’t like is Colgate, sitting there, looming like a dangerous six seed.



    The Perfect Storm you alluded to for the games to be played on Wednesday may not be that complicated. For example, if we were to beat BU and go to 7-6 while CU took down HC (dropping the Crusaders to 5-8) up in Hamilton, it really doesn’t matter what the other teams do. We own series sweeps over Navy and LC should one or both win-out and end the year at 7-7, as we could finish no worse than 7-7 with a win over BU.

    Bottom line: Go M’Hawks and Raiders!



    I can see Colgate beating Holy Cross (the game’s in Hamilton). I think Lafayette will beat an Army team that is struggling mightily right now.
    Lehigh beating Bucknell is, I’m afraid, a longshot. I better like Lehigh’s chances at Holy Cross on Saturday. The win there last season (first since ’98) makes the Hart Center less imposing for Lehigh than it used to be.
    A win there, and the tie breaker scenarios that favor Lehigh in head to heads with Navy and Lafayette, and Lehigh still gets the 3 seed.
    Who will be the 6, I’ll leave to others to figure out.



    One thing’s for sure: even with a home game, Lehigh will face no sissy in the first round.

    Army? Beat Lehigh in Bethlehem, and has a history of giving Lehigh fits in the PL tournament.

    Colgate? Owns a series sweep against us.

    Lafayette? We’ve swept them during the regular season, but I am not eager to face them again, especially considering Sunday’s nail-biter.

    Navy? Holy Cross? These are not patsies by a long shot. Navy has a likely ROY on their team, and Holy Cross is improving in leaps and bounds.

    I think Bucknell and American fans are having similar conversations, too. This is the most wide-open field there’s been in a long, long time in the PL tournament. Whoever wins is going to have to play consistent, strong ball, and it’s not at all outlandish to think an Army or Colgate could put things together and shock a top seed. I hope Lehigh is getting ready for this – and they’ve learned their lessons well from Sunday’s game.

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