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    Game Notes

    http://www.lehighsports.com/assets/1/wo … /40386.PDF

    TV – none with the exception of video streaming provided by UNH. It might be worth the $7.95 they’re asking for a one game package.


    UNH Message Board
    – folks none to happy up north after the URI loss. This week’s theme seems to be "DESTROY LEHIGH"

    http://unhwildcats.proboards.com/index. … thread=340

    Sagarin Rankings
    – I know it’s early in the season but here they are anyway……..


    UNH – 128
    LU – 162

    UNH 57.94
    LU 50.33

    UNH – 10 1/2

    Recap of UNH’s loss to URI – Mike Zhe, Herald Staff Writer

    http://www.seacoastonline.com/apps/pbcs … -1/NEWSMAP

    UNH…playoff birth in jeopardy after six straight appearances….O Line allows six sacks….gives up 215 rushing yards….and commits 3 turnovers

    Talk about walking into a hostile environment!



    UNH in "FCS Bottom Ten":

    http://www.championshipsubdivision.com/ … a00d603218



    Add my preview to the mix:

    http://lehighfootballnation.blogspot.co … shire.html

    This is a game that UNH needs to have if they hope to get to the playoffs for the seventh (I think) straight year. This will not be a cocky, lackadaisical group. Having said that, I think this could be a real close game.



    More news from up north on the eve of the big game……….

    Setting the stage
    http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/ … TS-9240408

    Click Coach’s Show recounts loss to URI and what to expect from LU

    You Tube – Film clip of UNH action and Coach McDonnell’s words of praise for LU
    http://www.youtube.com/user/UNHAthletic … fFb7Je0yyU



    Final thoughts…………

    When a team with everything to lose (no shot at an "at large" bid to the playoffs with a loss today) and nothing to gain (we’re from the CAA and expected to stomp all over any Patriot League foe and win our 11th in a row at home) meets up with a team with nothing to lose (hey, what’s wrong with being 2-2 after 4 games…isn’t this what everyone expected?) and everything to gain (national recognition, a chance at redemption after falling so badly to Villanova and gain some PL respect), all bets are off. This is not to saw Lehigh will win the game about to kickoff in Durham today, but anything is possible. For the unthinkable to possibly happen, the Mountain Hawks would first have to keep the Wildcats off the field, i.e., win the time of possession game with long drives featuring runs by Colvin and Campbell (maybe we can open up some holes as, due to injuries, UNH will features replacement(s) on their DLine); secondly, pressure their QB into mistakes (3-4 sacks would be nice…after all we did get to ‘nova’s Whitney 3 times); win the turnover battle by at least a 3:1 margin; and finally score every time we enter the red zone. Do it all and we’re in the game; do less and we come out on the short end of a 34-17 final.


    Sounds right to me. UNH does have some injuries and we need to take advantage of some potential mismatchs with our OL and their DL replacements. Not giving up the ‘big play’ is huge as UNH as some weapons with their spread/option. We cannot get into a ‘track meet’ with these guys. TOP of 35 minutes would be great and a plus with getting points of any kind out of each one. Keep it close into the fourth and anything can happen.


    Sounded very ugly on the radio. Defense lived on the field. Virtually nothing from the offense. There were a number of great opportunities for Lehigh to make this a close game with several possessions beginning on the Wildcats’ side of the field…and we can’t move the ball one iota. Announcers contended that UNH’s QB was clearly better than Villanova’s Whitney. Other than the first play being a 23 yard pass to Spadola, Kennedy’s 73 yd KO return and Peery hitting from 42 yards, not much else to write about. Game not at close as the score. Also, a bunch of guys banged up. Four defensive starters out during the game. Luckily we have two weeks off before Fordham. While most everyone felt coming out of September 2-2 was the realistic goal, the lopsided losses to the class FCS teams really tells us how far the PL has fallen, if we are, indeed, one of the better teams. And that still remains to be seen.


    Ugh. Unfair I guess to blame Colvin but tough spot for him to start. UNH is at least that much better than us. D pass defense anemic, but they were on the field for the entire game. MAY JUST BE CIRCUMSTANCES BUT CEECH DOES NOT SEEM TO HAVE JUICED UP OFFENSE AT ALL.

    True we used to be able to compete head to head with top of CAA at least for a game at a time. It is not only a question of us having fallen but I think more that CAA has gotten that much better also. Thank God for Bye. We should heal and prepare for FU, who lost to Assumption. Schollies dont seem to have helped them at all


    You’re making an assumption that Assumption stinks. They’re actually quite good this year.

    How does anyone explain Georgetown’s early run?

    BTW: I didn’t watch or listen to the game, but:

    a) In looking at the relatively conservative play calling, Colvin clearly was in over his head. Hard to give him a 3rd and long against a team like this and expect him to prevail. I don’t think Cecc will pull out some of the unusual plays until he really needs them to keep them in the PL race. Why pull out all the stops for an NCAA ranking when what really matters is winning the PL? THEN you have a chance to make a statement.

    b) D was on the field too long. Too many three and outs for O

    c) To compete at top of the FCS, LU is missing some depth on the lines, a stronger, bigger RB, an experienced, quality QB and a game-breaker. Good news is this team is good enough to win the PL, no doubt — and return some good folks next year.

    d) One step at a time …



    The game was available live via Internet video from the New Hampshire website.

    The Lehigh defense had some series where they looked really good.

    The Lehigh QB was way off on many of the passes (not even close to the receiver) and the Lehigh receivers were just dropping too many passes that did get to them.

    Not a fun game to watch for a Lehigh fan. Very frustrating.



    "sundayamqb" wrote: To compete at top of the FCS, LU is missing some depth on the lines, a stronger, bigger RB, an experienced, quality QB and a game-breaker.

    I feel compelled to point out that we had an experienced QB on our team this year – but he quit.

    And I think every team in America would like depth in the lines, a big RB, a quality QB and a game-breaker. :P



    Had JB Clark swallowed some pride – perhaps an enormous amount of the stuff – and stuck around, he would have no doubt seen some action this past week up in Durham. Injuries – no less head concussions – when combined with poor performances by backups have opened many doors in the past to guys who stuck around and carried that dreaded clipboards on the sidelines. Yes, JB you were missed. Our loss and your loss, too.

    As for the game itself, it was quickly apparent that Michael Colvin was not ready for "prime time." Call it nerves, call it a lack of preparation, who knows! Call it whatever, it was painful to watch. His first career start – a 10 for 28 performance good for 69 yards and yielding 0 TDs and 3 picks – will long be remembered by those who traveled to the game or saw it via UNHwildcat.tv. Here’s hoping Colvin’s memory is like that of a closer in baseball following a blown save. Short! Make no doubt about it, we need Michael.

    Speaking of quarterbacks, it’s clear that Lehigh has faced two of the best in the FCS during the first month of the season – Whitney of Villanova and RJ Toman of UNH. As a fan of the game, you can only marvel at their talent. Toman, who redshirted in ’06, entered the Lehigh game with 6152 career passing yards, 50 TDs, and a .727 completion percentage. You might say we were a bit overmatched at the position on Saturday.

    Like most, I’ll be interested to hear what Coach Cohen has to say tonight. The "D" will certainly be praised and well they should after spending 40 minutes on the 80+ degree field of play and giving up just 7 points after intermission on Saturday. We need to know, too, if and when of our injured stars will return to the lineup. We’ll probably also hear the old "bend don’t break" line. How else can you explain Lehigh yielding just……
    31 pts. on 519 yards of offense by UNH
    22 pts. on 528 yards of offense by Princeton
    35 pts. on 495 yards of offense by Villanova
    In each case, the final score could have/should have been worse. But, what we need to know most is what’s being done to shore up our offense. I see it as we’ve got 27 days to get our act together. Bucknell visits Goodman on Oct. 23rd, marking the beginning of Patriot League play – games that count in the standings.



    Meanwhile, Lehigh remains in the rankings at #55, ahead of Cogate and all the other Patriot League teams except Georgetown:


    The Sports Network’s FCS Rankings
    (As of 09/27/2010)
    Rank School W-L Points Prev
    1 Villanova (94) 3-1 3567 1
    2 Appalachian St. (24) 4-0 3466 2
    3 James Madison (22) 3-0 3381 3
    4 Jacksonville St. (5) 4-0 3166 4
    5 Delaware (1) 4-0 3021 7
    6 Stephen F. Austin 3-1 2905 6
    7 William & Mary 3-1 2642 8
    8 Massachusetts 3-1 2439 11
    9 South Carolina St. 2-1 2194 12
    10 Montana St. 3-1 2158 17
    11 Richmond 1-2 1848 5
    12 Montana 2-2 1755 14
    13 North Dakota St. 3-1 1710 18
    14 New Hampshire 2-2 1606 16
    15 Cal Poly 3-1 1530 20
    16 Eastern Wash. 2-2 1323 9
    17 UNI 1-2 1018 15
    18 Furman 2-1 1006 23
    19 Ga. Southern 3-1 802 NR
    20 Texas St. 3-1 693 NR
    21 Elon 1-3 689 10
    22 Youngstown St. 3-1 529 NR
    23 Illinois St. 3-1 522 NR
    24 Southern Ill. 1-3 421 13
    25 Liberty 2-2 332 23

    OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES: McNeese State 324, Southeast Missouri State 279, Northern Arizona 273, South Dakota 238, Central Arkansas 235, Wofford 235, Penn 217, Weber State 149, Western Illinois 129, Chattanooga 127, Brown 77, South Dakota State 68, Grambling State 55, Alcorn State 39, Bethune-Cookman 38, Alabama State 29, Georgetown 23, Delaware State 23, Sacramento State 23, Jacksonville 22, Yale 17, Old Dominion 15, Robert Morris 15, Florida A&M 14, Hampton 12, North Dakota 12, Harvard 10, Northern Colorado 5, Dayton 4, Lehigh 4, Dartmouth 3, Tennessee State 3, Gardner-Webb 3, Fordham 2, Georgia State 2, Texas Southern 1, Colgate 1, Prairie View A&M 1.

    DROPPED OUT: No. 19 McNeese State, No. 21 South Dakota, No. 24 Pennsylvania, No. 25 Central Arkansas.

    Ranking includes number of first-place votes and record in parentheses, total points and previous ranking


    Well said, LU65.

    Unless something odd happened to Clark over the past year, he would have been infinitely better than Colvin, and probably better than Lum … Experience counts at QB.

    Somehow Charlie Batch found a way to swallow his pride, and look what he’s up to!



    To be filed in the "interesting stuff I didn’t know" department to pass time until the next Lehigh football game:

    http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/columns/s … id=5628437

    In 2006, Oregon’s Chip Kelly began his eighth season as offensive coordinator at New Hampshire, an FCS school, dreaming of the day when he might run a program like Division III Amherst.

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