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    Here’s a story from earlier in the week done by the Cedar Falls/Waterloo newspaper.

    http://wcfcourier.com/sports/college/un … 002e0.html

    Page also includes about 2:00 of video interviewing UNI coach and player after loss last weekend. I think these guys are beatable, but our guys have to play smart, relatively error-free.


    Participant … /index.htm


    Kickoff: 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 27

    Facts and Figures – Site: UNI-Dome (16,300) in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Records: Lehigh, 9-2; Northern Iowa, 7-4. Television: None. Series record: First meeting. Last meeting: None. Conferences: Lehigh, Patriot League; Northern Iowa, Missouri Valley Football Conference. Coaches: Lehigh, Andy Coen (29-26 in fifth season at Lehigh); Northern Iowa, Mark Farley (89-36 in 10th season at Northern Iowa). The Sports Network/Fathead.com FCS ranking: Lehigh, 19; Northern Iowa, 16.

    What to know: Northern Iowa had won five straight games before last week’s, 30-14 loss to Western Illinois (also a playoff team). To qualify that loss, it must be pointed out that UNI had already secured a playoff berth and the MVFC title.

    While UNI is relatively young this year, head coach Mark Farley lends his team a playoff-hardened pedigree. In 10 years, Farley has led the Panthers to the FCS quarterfinals twice (2003, 2007), the semifinals twice (2001, 2008) and the FCS championship game in 2005 (a loss to Appalachian State). The Panthers have won at least one playoff game in each of their last seven postseason appearances.

    Daunting news to Lehigh indeed, but the Mountain Hawks, who won the Patriot League title outright, aren’t without credentials of their own. They are making their sixth FCS postseason appearance (first since 2004), where they hold a 3-5 all-time record. They enter the playoffs riding a seven-game winning streak and while a home game would have been preferred, a trip to Iowa will not be unfamiliar. The Mountain Hawks opened the 2010 campaign with a 28-14 victory over Drake in Des Moines, Iowa.

    To be fair, though, while UNI and Drake may share the Hawkeye State, they share little when it comes to gridiron dominance. UNI quarterback Tirrell Rennie’s running ability is of upper echelon ilk. He ranks No. 3 (behind two running backs) in the MVFC in rushing yards per game (109.55) and while his legs are the primary threat, he also can sling the ball, ranking No. 3 in the MVFC in passing efficiency ((143.8 rating).

    Rennie was injured in the second quarter of UNI’s loss to Western Illinois last week. He took a hard hit on a diving scramble and was replaced by Zach Davis. Farley is being tight-lipped about the injury but given the gravity of the game, it is likely Rennie will play. But will he be 100 percent?

    A hampered Rennie may have a tough time navigating the Patriot League’s best defense. The Mountain Hawks led the conference is scoring defense (18.1 points per game) and, perhaps more importantly, were No. 1 against the run (124.5 points per game).

    Numbers aside, the one glaring difference between these teams is strength of schedule. UNI fought its way through a challenging MVFC race, while Lehigh coasted through a weaker Patriot League slate. The Mountain Hawks’ two losses came at the hands of CAA teams (Villanova and New Hampshire). They lost those two games by a combined score of 66-10. While the MVFC may not be the CAA, it is definitely a significant step up from Patriot League competition.

    The winner will meet No. 3 seed Delaware of the CAA on Dec. 4.

    Prediction: Northern Iowa, 35-17



    Lehigh in the first round of the Playoffs since 1998

    1998 – Wins first round game against Richmond
    1999 – Loses first round game against Hofstra
    2000 – Wins first round game against Western Illinois
    2001 – Wins first round game against Hoftsra
    2004 – Loses first round game to eventual Champion James Madison by one point


    Northern Iowa in the first round of the playoffs since 1998

    2001 – Wins first round game against Eastern Illinois
    2003 – Wins first round game against Montana State
    2005 – Wins first round game against Eastern Washington
    2007 – Wins first round game against Univ. of New Hampshire
    2008 – Wins first round game against Maine



    Here’s my preview of the game:

    http://lehighfootballnation.blogspot.co … gh-at.html

    You guys will like my prediction 8-)


    What a game! What a defense — staggering. Kennedy’s INT was awesome. Have you seen a better defensive performance from an LU team? Pierce, Groome, Newton all over the field.

    Some great, key plays on O, particularly in the second half. Drwal TD incredible.

    Gotta wonder about the HB option at the end … Sure, it hit the ground, but was called an INT.

    Hopefully they can hang in against Delaware.

    bogus megapardus
    bogus megapardus

    OK, you morons. I’m here to humble myself. Outstanding game today especially on defense. You did us all proud. Now go take on Delaware with the same dynamic.

    Just don’t screw the pooch like you could have. Playing like you did this afternoon you’d never have beaten us last weekend. Try not to muck it up from now on, will you?


    I agree on the schollies.

    They’re a barrier, but … it’s what makes our league unique.




    I hope the scholarship comments were a joke! I believe they are needed, or there will be plenty of years with Patriot league teams losing to the Monmouth’s, Albany’s, and others…

    We used almost every "trick" play in the playbook (just begging to see the old "fake double screen Y delay") :) to get anything resembling an offense, as there was no running game.

    Yes, our defense was great, but much of that may have to do with UNI’s terrible passing game.

    I know I sound like sour grapes, but I am truly thankful we got the win. I thought we were doomed when the RB threw that god-awful pass.

    Now for a better O showing at UD! We will need it to keep this one close…



    "Bill" wrote: Fan

    I know I sound like sour grapes, but I am truly thankful we got the win. I thought we were doomed when the RB threw that god-awful pass.

    I just do not understand why we decided to try an HB pass in that particular situation. When that ball was intercepted, I feared that that was going to be a turning point type of play where UNI finally got things together and put the ball in the end zone. Thankfully the defense stepped up big and got off the field there.

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