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    Alright, had time to watch the game again, from DVR now. Saw some of the same things that caught my attention in-person, but my perspective changed on a couple of things too.
    I left the game angry about how we handled the press. We knew they’d press, the Fox guys who called the game talked about it before the game started. I still believe we should have been better prepared for it. However – I think my initial impression of how MS handled it was too harsh; it wasn’t that bad. KR is something special, and could beat it by himself. However, the problem (IMO) was that AP was almost always the secondary ball handler vs. the press, even while CS was on the floor. That was a bad mistake. CS should have been the second guy, but he was always forward on the wing. Bad decision, and the coaches should have had CS as that secondary ball handler – no doubt in my mind.
    AP was awesome – don’t get me wrong. His performance was, hands-down, the biggest plus we saw. But CS should be the 2nd ball handler.
    I can’t overstate how pleased I was with AP’s game. A completely new balance to his game. His ability to get to the rim, with both hands, blew away the Fox commentators. He was the best guard on the floor, and ‘nova is respected for their guards.
    KR will be awesome too. The foul issue can definitely be chalked up to 1st game as a frosh. Much better than ugly TOs, IMO. And his third foul, the charge, was a garbage call. If that’s a charge, we should see 8-10 charges/game. His vision and quickness are top notch; we got a steal with him.
    TK was very good, as expected. I’m still not clear on what happened in 2nd half – will have to watch it yet again. I felt like he didn’t get enough touches in 2nd half when I left game, but on 2nd view, he did get touches. They just weren’t in the kind of good position he got in 1st half. Maybe ‘nova D adjustment; I dunno.
    The TO numbers were bad, but to some extent, that’s what ‘nova does. Against that kind of press, you expect some TOs, but some easy buckets too when you beat it. And we still have a young team figuring stuff out, including playing together.
    My biggest issue, by a mile, is the boards. ‘Nova does not appear to be a good rebounding team, and they were not big – even by PL standards, IMO. The ORs we gave up are just not OK – you will lose games for that reason, all by itself. I think we’ll face better interior teams in the PL than we saw vs. ‘nova. The ‘nova fans I sat near were flabbergasted at their disinterest in post play – they didn’t even try.
    My conclusion is nothing new: JG needs to play more. I’d argue that he should be starting up front. He blocks and changes shots and plays with energy inside. I was damn-near giddy watching a few instances where he and TK worked some interior, big-to-big passes. That could be game changing.
    I like JC a lot. He’s got great bounce, and can finish. Was thrilled to see him throw 2 down, straight up off the vert! But he gets rooted out on rebounds. I watched the missed FT tap-backs, and bigs get low on him and just move him away. His COB is too high, or he doesn’t get low enough to hold his position.
    I’m putting my stake in the ground. Goldie at the 4.



    Late as well but here goes. Agree with pafan don’t want to get to far ahead of ourselves, but lots to be encore urged about. Since we lost I will start with negatives.

    1. 90 mentioned it but I will double up on it – reed – how we looked so unprepared for the trapping game of nova when we had all offseason and games been on calendar for 6 months baffles me. Upsetting, and to make zero in game adjustments, really upsetting.
    2. I love ms, his athleticism but I struggle with if he’s really a 1. When you see him jump out of gym and hit pull-ups from 18, I wonder if we are stifling him making him a pg. he looked uncomfortable last yr versus pressure as well so hoping it gets better but I like him running as a wing and being aggressive. Corey has to be second ball handler after kr.
    3. Giving up O boards on missed fts kill me.
    4. Having TK only get 1/2 shots in first 11/12 mins of second half. We are inside out offense and he needs 18 shots a game.


    1. TK – he took a big leap. His body much improved. His compete level very high, fighting and diving for balls, loved energy. The faceup game and baseline jumper wow. 18/9 doable and poy doable, big leap.

    2. Ap – won’t beat this up anymore but impressive step forward. Kids a worker and it paid off.

    3. Kr, your looking at like at a 900 plus assist guy, and all league talent. Kid is a worker to and will improve. But not does he have a great ball iq and floor general game.
    4. If ya can check box on pg wing and big you can win most nights, good stuff.
    5. Wanted to see. Ore post game for cj and JG . Didn’t get buff touches in post for them. But JG active in minutes and cj had nice drive early on pinkston.
    6. Hope to see more BA, I am still high on him , very high. Not dire what happened but I do not expect him being behind dc. Think we will see a lot more BA tomorrow, that’s my gut. He can add another dimension.

    On to canisius, fired up.



    KR comment meant to read boy is he a great floor general and leader….point is he always gets ball to guys in right spot at right time.



    Agree about BA but you must know the system to be productive and clearly BA had no idea what he was doing offensively and was missed aligned a great deal defensively which is not encouraging as he seemed to be the only one lost.



    I’m going to go out on a limb here. I don’t see BA helping much this season. He doesn’t even look like he is in basketball shape to me. Nice haircut, but I saw nothing to get me encouraged about his game. Hope I’m wrong.

    I can’t understand how SC has dropped so far in the pecking order. He may not be a good on the ball defender, but at least he is a threat to score the ball. The guy can flat out stroke it from outside. For him to be in his senior season, and behind DC and BA is a travesty, IMO.



    90- one of the best part of your recap was your mea culpa on ap, because you were very negative on him last year as a freshman. I respect that you owned that.

    I wouldn’t rule out ba impact after such a tiny sample size. Could you be right, sure? Just not sure anyone has seen enough to really tell. I like what I have seen in a lot of video work, now that’s always misleading, but he has a wide skill set…an reports from Bethlehem are positive on him. Got a gut feeling he gets more of a chance minutes wise tomorrow.


    Doc is many great things,he is not a very good in game coach. Hasn’t been in past seasons,but he has opened up the O. Seems to my very inexpert ye that CS s/b the PG backup with MS at the 2 . He and BA can be energizer bunnies off the bench.


    I wasn’t able to watch the game so I’ve enjoyed all the eyewitness reports and rections. A few comments just from the box score:

    – There have been a few mentions of CB’s continued knee trouble through the offseason. I wasn’t very surprised to see his lack of PT. I think it will take foul trouble for him to see extended minutes.

    – I WAS surprised not to see at least a cameo for JRG.

    – Happy to see JC go 3-3 on 2’s. A limited sample to be sure, but pretty encouraging after hus sub 40% 2pt shooting last year. Fouls a different story.

    – Really happy to see big time production from AP. Offseason reports were very good, and I’m glad it translated into the game for him right off the bat. Might have to up my goal for him to 15ppg this year. Don’t want to comment on the turnovers without seeing the game, but that is not a pretty number.


    CB’s knee not great. He compares it to that of an 80 yr old.

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