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    I wonder what is up given the defections.

    First loss to Lafayette in quite a while and in straight sets at him.

    Anyone have insight on this ?



    First, I think it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Lafayette has a pretty good volleyball team this year. I believe that they are 9-3. I’ll guess that football scholarships is having as big an impact on women’s sports in the PL as it is in football. It is just a matter of where each school wants to allocate it’s Title IX money.
    As for the defections, I have no inside information.I will ay that Bertucci has been a highly successful coach everywhere he has been, earning COY in the Patriot League, A10 and SEC. His practices can be challenging. Not everyone is equipped to handle that. Compound that with academic pressures and kids need to make decisions. ML still at Lehigh I believe. Not sure about the twins.



    Hard to make sense out of the response Title 9, football scholarships, practice is challenging and some kids he recruited can’t handle it, etc.
    Say what?



    I don’t get the confusion about the “challenging” part. There’s nothing surprising to me about that, at least. The demands of D1 sports combined with a full course-load are pretty massive. And I don’t believe there are many cupcake programs at LU, as you might find elsewhere. We all want to see our teams continue to get better, and coaches demanding more from players is to be expected if we’re going to take it seriously. Hopefully we recruit the best available athletes who meet our academic standards – but there are not guarantees after that.
    From personal experience, success was pretty easy in high school. But Lehigh academics were a shock to my system when I got there.

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