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    There will certainly be a lot of opportunities next season with the loss of 2 starters and at least one high minute sub. This may be Sue’s most intriguing class yet.

    Some of the areas that need improvement.
    1.)The desire to close out big games. This year’s team left far too many wins get away.

    Hannah Hedstrom led her Minnetonka team to the MN State Championship (highest level)

    Camryn Buhr led her Penn team to the Indiana State Championship (highest level)

    Gen Grundhoffer led her Assumption team to the Wisconsin state Championship (highest level)

    Cameryn Benz unfortunately had no supporting cast, often scoring more than half the points, more than half the rebounds and more than half the steals

    2.)A quality PG to free Mann up to play the wing, where she belongs.

    Hedstrom graded out as a 90 by ESPN and was ranked as #27 at her position

    3.)Quality height to replace Kinek and Sharlow

    Grundhoffer, a 6-1 wing, Gena was also graded as a 90 and is shown as the #18 at her position

    Benz,a 6-2 Forward ws graded at 88 and is listed as #57 at her position

    Buhr, a 6-1 FW, was not rated by ESPN for whatever reason but she like Holba last year made the 11 member Indiana All-Star team

    Lastly this class should absolutely pass Rich’s eye test :-)


    Hehehe, guess so :). Sue has brought in a number of highly touted recruits over the last few years. A number of misses also. Not this year. All of these recruits competed at high levelsand excelled. Her best class ever. The key now is meshing these players into a team. We will be very young with 5 new players and Bryce for a full season.
    TMH, can you predict a starting lineup?



    Of course this is a shot in the dark but I project

    PG Hedstrom unless KB ups her game for her senior year
    Wings….Mann and Grundhoffer unless HP, TC or BD up their game
    FW…Martins and McCloskey…ME is an unknown. Benz and Buhr may fight for time.

    The guards are the real wildcard. We have lots of players with success in HS but haven’t shown enough in college yet.


    Wonder if Sue will go to a 3 F lineup. Mann at 2 and HH at 1 seems right. Martins and Kiernan. Last spot?? Benz,Grundhoffer and. Even tho she didn’t get much PT Williams has the ability. All tall and very athletic. Benz in particular will be hard to keep on the bench. Taylor once she was healthy showed well. Good handle and very quick.
    OK I give up. I’m up to 9 starters :-)

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