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    I wonder whether we can do something similar to Richmond where each of the FB scholarships are endowed?



    Let’s look at the extreme case and see if it is workable:

    The RichH Outside Left Offensive Guard endowment would require, let’s say, $50,000 per year to make it a full free ride. Since these things always work on the principle that earnings pay the expenses and you don’t touch the endowment principal, you would need to pony up $50,000/.03, assuming today’s paltry earnings rates. Yoiks, that’s almost $1.7 million!

    C.mon, Rich, fork it over. Get this ball rolling. The rest of you fat cats join in. With 60 scholarships you will only need to come up with about $100 million.

    I’m not sure what Richmond is doing, but ya gotta ask just how workable this is and just how much of a dent it could really put in this pile.



    Come on Carney, you say all we nedd is $100,000,000. Eight of those numbers are 0s, how hard can it be?



    While Carney brings up a good point about education costs, he forgets to mention that Lehigh is already on the hook for giving aid to any family making under (I think) $80,000 a year, so the endowment would need to be considerably less than $100 million – some potion of it would come from that main scholarship fund, I believe.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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