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    Anyone who knows Lehigh/Lafayette knows it’s about seniors playing what is near-certain to be their final games, frequently elevating to heights of their playing ability.

    Sodeke – 9 carries, 28 yards, 3.1 per carry

    Parris – 1 catch, 30 yards, longest play from scrimmage except for Leigh TD, 2 targets

    Coyle – 0 catches, 0 targets

    Gaul – 0 catches, 1 target

    You are not going to win any Lehigh/Lafayette games if you exclude the seniors to that extent. How? How are they not more in the gameplan? How do you not feed Parris the ball 7, 8, 9 times in the final game of his college career? Coyle is known for catching touchdown passes against Lafayette – how do you not target him ONCE? Gaul has been a game role player – how do you not throw the ball his way 4, 5 times?

    We deserved to lose. We didn’t even give these kids a CHANCE to win the game. Forget the lack of discipline, which also drove me crazy, the constant gifts of untimely penalties, and some awful turnovers and near-turnovers. Parris starts the game with a beautiful 30 yard reception, warming himself up for a great sendoff game as a senior, and you… never use him again?

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    Well said and true. Coyle was open at times but Nick seemed to disdain that checkdown trying to get a bigger play. Pard 2ndary quite good. Key to me on O was OL getting savaged by Pard D. Nick sacked 4 times,but more relevant they shut down run daring us to pass and we couldn’t. For that matter we did nothing on O consistently. Partly us partly their D. OL just never got control of LOS.Out physicalled was Andy’s description. A sad commentary.
    Regardless of the bright spots that no dout will appear in LU’s write up, bottom line D has given up big plays all season . Today was no different. O today did nothing for most of the game. Whether we got seniors more involved would not have made much difference.
    Scary thought to ponder,we will be even younger next yr with a smaller senior class.



    Gloat, indeed. Who writes stuff like that – leading with his chin?
    That in combination with the quality of the coaching and game are the ultimate howler for our opposition.
    Play calling was absolutely abysmal.


    From an LU perspective, the team acted like they were coming to a party in the Bronx. From an LC perspective, they were there to play a football game and proceeded to kick our butts for a full half. We’ve all said it all year – this staff has underperformed all year in getting this team prepared to win, whether mentally or physically.

    Here is my Christmas wish – an immobile, strong armed QB and OC who knows how to use him. I never want to look at another QB draw or read option run again. This is not as much a slight to Shaf as it is to Folmar/Coen. The problem seems to be that Shaf is OK at passing and running, but not great at either. Perhaps this has led to the consistently strange play calling all year.

    I also apologize to Wilcher. The secondary was as bad this year if not worse than last. Clearly he was not the only problem.

    It appears that we may be headed into one of those dark periods against the Pards. Next year will be critical to see if this is the case.



    I need to find a breathalyzer for my computer and phone. A massively disappointing day + lots of liquid courage = I should get locked out from posting anything.


    LMAO, if that were so very few of us should post today. Venting good for the soul. Hard part will be living with this debacle til next season.


    Doc Qb

    Few thoughts. On defense, it didnt matter if it was Laub or Newton’s side, LC tied them up and had the edge all day long. They never kept contain, got hooked easily, and pulling Oline got to second level easily after a scrape on one of the two and got in just enough of Colton’s way they big yards were the norm. Watch the replay and focus on the LOS totally…its kinda impressive. The LC coaches will watch that and feel pretty damn good for sure. Great execution. Their third string TB would have 200 yards w that. And a TD (or near TD) and that damn wheel route…every fucking year since Jonathan Hurt. Al Peirce picked one off a few years back…was he the only guy looking at film?

    Two. We should never get beat by a second string qb (hello Bucknell) let alone a third. Thats a gift from god game plan wise. But u would never know it.j

    Three. We should NEVER be held to seven points. Ever. No gadget or gimmick plays. Only screend were the Nick side arm WR ones, which were terrible. In my time, Kempa and Semptimphelter made a living w what looked like were check downs to TE or RB out of backfield. They were CALLED plays. It forced LBs to not take 20 yrd drops on passing downs, u had to honor the field in front if them. That opened up our crosses/digs/seam routed for big yardage. We dont set that up at all. Too many qb runs. We used to dare u to blitz…it gave us the option route on a number of plays and the ability to take your guy in man coverage to the house. Now a blitz favors the D. I am unsure if the answer is or isnt Nick…i was a local QB but never got the spotlight, so I’ll ways root hard for him. Talk w him after each home game. But, he hasnt progressed enough, which is on coaches. But if they are playing to his only strengths as best as possible, maybe he isnt the answer.

    I watched first half again when I got home. Maybe its too simplistic, but gameplan seemed poor. Put ten in the damn box, u know #29 is getting every carry. Have something different on O. It looked like an early season game where u keep it vanilla and try to feel your way thru an early game. It was game eleven. 150. U pull out all the stop.

    Hard to watch. Just too many questions.



    Doc QB has nailed it.

    Our plays were simpleton and easy to read. Total coaching failure on a number of fronts – inexcusable for this game.
    We did not disrupt and alter the LC game plan on either side. LU played with half of the playbook – at season end.
    The fan base does not believe the players cannot learn the offense after 10 games – this is very lame and an an excuse for poor/inept coaching. We did not have our best players involved on O and the D coaches appeared to have had a mental break before and during the game.


    Just finished doing the same. Optimistically recorded game. Per your advice on LOS,watched 2 LC drives. Pard blockers were on 2nd level on every play. We did not control off tackle slot. Tavani has been running that counter for years. Seemed we were surprised by it again ad again.Agree no excuse for giving up 500 yds to an O fielding a 3rd string QB.
    I have been puzzled by our O all yr. True we seem to be playing too much to Nick’s running talents. To me they should be a counterpoint not the soul of our O.We have had numerous very good QBs lacking big arms. Never has been an issue to running our O. Why this yr? Folmar or Nick? Have no idea.


    Appears coaches figured new unis would prepare tsam for game. Pards controlled LOS on D and O. We did little to counteract that.Pard DBs had great coverage on WRs. So wh not target TE and RB ? Nope we run Nick.
    An off season with questions that have no answers.


    Most of everything that needed to be said, was said, but I feel the need to pile on.

    1. The offensive gameplan was the most boring, unimaginative, bland and predictable one I’ve seen in 25 years of following Lehigh.

    2. Shafnifsky is a gamer, but is not a great QB. Misses open receivers, lacks confidence to make throws and doesn’t have the speed or moves to build a run-based offense around.

    3. Not one attempt to the TE.

    4.Someone said it earlier this year, but I’m starting to think that Folmar’s success at Kutztown was due to his star QB, not his offensive prowess.

    5. The team was clearly not mentally prepared. Perhaps it was a function of being 50 yards away from the playing field, but I didn’t see any “heart” or “fight” in this team. They looked like they were going through the motions.

    6. Lafayette runs the same bread and butter offense every game, every year and anybody who watched a 1/2 quarter of film, knows that it is Scheuerman, Scheuerman, and more Scheuerman. And yet, we had no answer at all.

    7. The defense was a disaster from game 1. Nothing changed to game 11. I’ve never loved the 3-4 and it took Kotulski a few years to get the players to run that system. I worry we have another couple years before we can even think about improvements.

    8. I will acknowledge this next comment is probably not fair, but this team clearly lacked senior leadership. I’m sure on an individual basis, there are moments of leadership, but it did not evidence itself on the field this year.

    9. Lafayette played a nearly flawless game – probably their best of the year. We played probably our worst, although there are other candidates.

    10. The fucking wheel route as Doc QB noted. Every damn year we know it’s coming and yet we seemed surprised.

    11. The 150th should have been a moment of pride for both schools, but the team gave us only a singular moment to cheer and come together.

    12. The unis were hideous. Thank God they at least didn’t go with all whites.

    13. I agree with an earlier post that Lehigh needs to “refresh” the entire experience, both for students and alums.

    14. In the corporate world, one notes that a company is only as good as it’s management. The same can be said for football. Can Andy right this ship?

    15. This year did not provide much in terms of things to look forward to, with the exception of Pelletier and some of the LBs. However, Pelletier won’t be able to do much if he doesn’t have a QB who can deliver the ball.

    16. Finally, I am, and always will be proud to be Lehigh, but the team picked the worst moment to collectively embarrass the University. I can live with losing; I cannot live with not showing up or being prepared.


    Piling on not a penalty here :)
    We’ve covered the issues. What is to be done?
    Andy said he is going to re evaluate everything. Good. Just hope he comes up with some solutions.


    Amidst all our frustration and disappointment, I truly feel bad for players. This was tbe biggest stage and game most will likely ever have. And they were trounced not because Pards were tbat much better but because they weren’t ready to play. What should be fond memories can at best be only bittersweet. Hope those returning remember tbe pain so as not to repeat it. We didn’t from last year and paid for it.



    Okay. It was awful. Our time in the national spotlight was wasted. But, deep breath everyone.
    Lafayette came into the game off their bye. Two weeks to prepare. Not an excuse but a fact.
    Scheuermann is (with our help) the third most prolific RB in Lafayette history so give him some credit.
    27 points should not be enough to beat us, but it was. I’m sure the game plan was to get the ball to Pelletier more than we did but either he wasn’t open or Shaf didn’t have the time to find him. Did Leigh pass Yosha on the depth chart yesterday?
    There are some good LBs (Caslow and Ripanti)on defense. I like Cavenes on the DL, but what else do we build upon? Maybe Bott wasn’t the answer.
    I believe better days are ahead. I hope there’s no where to go but up


    Also, a very good OL with Short back at OC.Yosha and Leigh. Kelsey at WR along with Pelletier. Enough talent returning. Dont think our issues rest primarily on them.

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