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    LU65’s post on the men’s thread inspired a blog posting, and it talks about the women’s seeding:

    http://lehighfootballnation.blogspot.co … ology.html

    You know what sucks? Looking at the brackets, the closest venue Lehigh could play at is over five hours away. Norfolk, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati. If it was in Philly/NYC or even DC, as it’s been in years past, I’d have probably made a go at attending if we make it. Convincing my wife to head to Pittsburgh or Norfolk, even over a weekend, will not be easy – and forget Cincy. I have a feeling I’m going to be treasuring last year’s appearance at Rutgers for years.

    Right now Lehigh’s a projected 14th seed headed to play Xavier in what would basically be a home game for them. What’s most interesting about that is that if Lehigh makes it to the tournament it would give Lehigh a chance to go undefeated against the A-10 this year: they’ve already beaten LaSalle, St. Joe’s and Duquense, all pretty good women’s basketball programs. Either playing Xavier – or maybe facing off against Georgetown, to celebrate the men’s appearance against Georgetown 25 years ago – would probably be pretty cool matchups for the Lady Hawks, and winnable games, too.



    Good luck to the ladies. They have worked hard and often are over looked. Wishing the team the best.


    I am surprised by lack ofstudent support for both BBall teams. Girls have a real shot at winning 30+ games . Remarkable!



    Lehigh is still stuck in the No. 14 slot vs. Florida State on the Women’s Bracketology page.

    An interesting side note to this is the RPI numbers of all the schools in that 12/13/14 seed range are so close together (using Real Time RPI). In addition, you can see the significant dropoff in 15 seed territory:

    (* indicates already in the NCAA Tournament)

    12. Princeton (40) *
    12. Marist (43) *
    12. Illinois State (45)
    12. Tulane (48)

    13. Bowling Green (41)
    13. Ark-Little Rock (51)
    13. Wisc-GB (52)
    13. Old Dominion (63)

    14. LEHIGH (58)
    14. Gardner-Webb (65)
    14. Chattanooga (67) *
    14. ETSU (69) *

    15. Lamar (91)
    15. NC A&T (103)
    15. LIU (120)
    15. Oral Roberts (128)

    In addition – which one of these is not like the others? If going by Real Time RPI, Lehigh should be the last 13 seed and ODU should be the first 14 seed. This is the difference between going from playing Florida State in Tallahassee, FL and Georgetown in Norfolk, VA. Personally, I like either matchup for the ladies if they beat American this Saturday – it’s the super heavyweights UConn, Stanford, and the like that need to be avoided at all costs.



    In the latest edition, Lehigh is still a No. 14 seed but is now getting sent to Oklahoma to play the Lady Sooners, while ODU (with a Real Time RPI below Lehigh’s) is the 13 seed playing Kentucky at Norfolk in what essentially would be a home game for them.

    It looks like ODU will get a "home" regional, which is why they’re penciled in the Norfolk regional. If true, this absolutely sucks for Lehigh since Norfolk is the closest venue to Lehigh, but it’s highly unlikely that the Lady Hawks would play there. If the men and women both win, I’m still looking at a Lehigh/Florida State (women) and Duke/Lehigh (men) bracket.

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