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    Have to agree on the schedule, UMES and Arcadia not thrilling. Not sure why we can’t schedule at least as well as the rest of the PL. Even if we substitute these two with the worst 2 from any other PL school, probably a notable upgrade.



    I take a few days off and look at all the chatter. I have been away attending graduations. On that note, I am academics first. I complain at times about the players, coaches and whatever, but I think Lehigh needs to stay where they are. I remember checking out their ratings about 5 years ago. Academically, the school is solid. In today’s economy, a free education at a great school is worth a lot. As one who has other kids coming though the ranks, academics get my vote.



    Posted, in part, earlier on another thread but perhaps bears repeating:

    With thanks to Bison 137, here’s a look at Pomeroy’s Out of Conference SOS ranking from 2011-12.

    69 Bucknell #
    204 Lafayette
    215 Holy Cross
    224 Lehigh # #
    284 Colgate
    293 Navy *
    297 American
    344 Army * *

    # = doesn’t include tournament game with D2 West Alabama (substitute for Buffalo)
    # # = doesn’t include game with D3 Arcadia
    * = doesn’t include game with D3 Penn State-Altoona
    * * = doesn’t include game with D3 Marywood

    Here’s a look back at the CJ era. Again, Pomeroy ranking were used.
    Year/ OOC SOS / Our Ranking / Our Record

    2011-12 / 224 / 82 / 27-8
    2010-11 / 274 / 198 / 16-15
    2009-10 / 341 / 171 / 22-11

    Don’t get me wrong, like nearly everyone else I’d like to see an upgrade in opponents. But, I’m not expecting a big jump forward in the coming year. What may be long standing contractual commitments with NEC, MAAC, IVY, and AE schools coupled with the fact that no one likes to spend $50,000+ and perhaps walk away a loser is no doubt causing Reed and Company considerable difficulty in this off-season.

    As for “cupcakes” on the schedule, “Get over it!” We’ve all got them. I give you from the previous year (Pomeroy rankings used):

    1. Kentucky
    Radford 309
    Portland 278

    2. Ohio State
    Jackson State 336
    Texas – Pan Am 314

    3. Michigan State
    Nebraska-Omaha 327
    Missouri – Kansas City 288
    Texas Southern 287
    Eastern Michigan 280

    4. Kansas
    Towson 338
    Howard 320

    5. Wisconsin
    Colgate 316
    Kennesaw State 313
    Missouri – Kansas City 288
    Bradley 276



    Lots to report but I’ll start here.
    LaSalle had a very surprising but successful season after losing Aaric Murray. The truth is that it was only the 2nd winning season in the last 6. A trip to Lewisburg is actually a bump up in attendance since Tom Gola Arena is really a bandbox.
    As far as George Mason. Yes, they have to play away games but they have over 300 schools to choose from. From purely monetary standpoint, why would they choose Lehigh but more on that in the scheduling thread.



    Also noted at the talk yesterday:
    Lehigh is very, very happy being in the Patriot league so don’t expect any movement for a long time. Impinging on the school’s academic integrity is not an option in bringing in better athletes. That is both a school and league policy. For those that don’t know, the football scholarships that will be awarded beginning 2013 are merit scholarships. That means the student/athlete excels in all areas (academics/athletics/community service). It is no longer based on need but the criteria may be a little more stiff. I think it is designed more to compete with the Ivies than the CAA although it should certainly help against the latter too.

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