Wow, we were totally unprepared to play

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    CCSU pretty good but LU O was abysmal, Clark was terrible, D not much better. I think CCSU more than doubled our yardage. Pathetic start to the season.

    Box score just cameup Clark 7-29 3ints,Walker and Campbell OK but Clark was pathetic. Have not seen a LU qb play that poorly Since Schwenk,

    It is hard to fathom how the team was that poorly prepared to play

    Took a minute to look up record. Today was our 10th loss by less than a td since Coen took over. Ridiculous



    You are on target. This was truly pathetic and it could not be the basic talent of the team.

    This was poor coaching and poor preparation – period.

    I watched this via the internat for almost 3 periods but then turned it off because of how ugly a specatcle this was and that it was a waste of time and far too frustrating. Watching the women at US Open tennis made a lot more sense than a disorganized and inept offensive display by a college team. By the way, CC State was awful also but was still better than a horrible Lehigh effort.

    I pray that their were no recuits at the game – for football or any other sport because this would not encourage them to decide on Lehigh.


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