Game 5 Breakdown: Fordham at Lehigh, 9/29/2012

(Photo Credit: Fordham Athletics)

We break down the Fordham game - and we give our fearless prediction, below the flip.

It's strange that this is a conference game - yet not a conference game - for Lehigh, which actually makes this a difficult game to analyze.

Against, say, Bucknell, a loss would be devastating to Lehigh's Patriot League title chances (and autobid chances).  A loss against Fordham - whom Lehigh has played every year for the last 25 years, most counting in the Patriot League standings - would still be awfully tough to swallow, but not fatally so.  There's more history there than against, say, Liberty, yet a tiny bit less at stake than against, say, Colgate.

How dangerous are the Rams, really, in the end?  Let's dive in.

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