Game Preview: Lehigh at Central Connecticut State, 9/8/2012

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If there's one thing Central Connecticut State head coach Jeff McInerney wants you to know, it's that he's Fire[d] Up for this weekend.

Or more accurately, if you follow his Twitter feed or anything related to the Blue Devils, it's #FireUp, which is more distinct than the #FiredUp hash tag when you look up anything from President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic Convention or the latest on someone else's Tweeting habits.

The Blue Devils are somewhat of a mystery team in the NEC this year - even after their opening game.  Their personnel is still relatively new.  Their gameplan, as always, will be loaded with interesting tricks.  But one thing that isn't a mystery is that a Jeff McInerney team will reflect the passion and burn of their head coach.  They will, indeed, be Fired Up.
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