Game Preview, Lehigh at Fordham, 10/5/2013

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I honestly don't know exactly why this quote from the cheese-fest-y move Clash of the Titans was the first thing to leap to mind when thinking about this weekend's Lehigh/Fordham matchup.

In the Patriot League, certainly, Lehigh and Fordham are the definition of Titans, both undefeated with the three best out-of-conference wins in the League this season.  Two are owned by Fordham - they beat FBS Temple and nationally-ranked Villanova - and the other by Lehigh - their win last week over New Hampshire.

In the FCS, too, you could define them as Titans in the sense that the Mountain Hawks and Rams are two of only twelve undefeated teams in the entire subdivision.  Not all of these undefeated teams will be Titans at the end of the season, of course, but at least much of the national FCS community agrees for now that both are top teams: both are ranked in both major polls as two of the top 13 teams in the nation.

So maybe a sub-headline for this game of "Lehigh vs. Fordham: Releasing the Kraken" might make a lot of sense.

Because both teams won't be holding back much in the game, which, as luck may have it, will be broadcast nationally on the CBS Sports Network at 12:00 PM on Saturday.
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