Lehigh at UC Davis Tailgate Report 9/14/2019: Hip Hop Rivalries, Vegans At the Gates!, And More

Welcome back to the Lehigh Tailgate Report, a free public service from your pals over at Lehigh Football Nation.

The idea of the Lehigh Tailgate Report is to provide a fun report on what to expect at the game, or not at the game, for this week's upcoming game.

If you're planning to go to this game, it means one of three things: 1) you live in California, 2) you have way more disposable income than me, or most likely, 3) both.  Nonetheless, below I'll have some information on where the stadium is and where to tailgate.

If you can't make it to the game, it is available to watch or listen in a variety of ways.  Note that the kickoff of this game is at 10:00 PM EDT, or 7:00 PDT, so it's one of the latest kickoffs in all of Division I football. 

The local radio broadcast, which starts an hour before kickoff and sets the table for the game, can be caught on your AM dial on Fox Sports Radio AM 1230 or 1320. Matt Kerr, Matt Markus, and Steve Lomangino are on the call this Saturday.  If you're on the East Coast, that means 9:00 PM EDT.

Through internet radio, the pregame, game, and postgame can be streamed through TuneIn or just simply going to the LVFoxSports.com webpage.

The best part about this game is that the video stream will be available via a free service called Pluto.TV.  It is available from any web browser here, but where it really shines is if you have a Roku box (install and run the Pluto.TV app, and search for UC Davis) or Google Chromecast (on your phone, load up the Pluto.TV app and cast it to your 55 inch TV).

The LFN Approved way of catching the game is streaming the radio call of the game via Alexa, the internet or whatever, and broadcasting the video to your big-screen TV.  (That, of course, and keeping lots of LFN's "Drink of the Week" handy.)

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