Lehigh Circles the Wagons And Wins Yet Another Football Game

(Photo Credit: Justin LaFleur/Lehigh Athletics)

The problem with having a "Sunday Word" for so long is that you keep wanting to reuse an old one to describe a particular game.

"Fun", which Sautrday's 29-28 win was?  Sorry, already done.  How about "Raiders", which epitomizes the Lehigh ethos at the moment, "Just Win, baby?"  Sorry, that's one's done, too.

Making things even more challenging was Lehigh's eventful, to say the least, week leading up to this game.  Player suspensions.  Critical injuries.  Slow starts.  Potshots.

In a game where this Lehigh football team could have fallen flat on its face - and appeared to be doing so after a tough first half - the Mountain Hawks took a knee, went back into the locker room, circled the "wagons" (today's "Sunday Word"), and came out and won the game.
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