Lehigh Is

It would be easy to hate right now.  It would be tempting to write a screed about unhappy I am about how this season is going so far, to make a report card filled with C's and D's.  It would be tempting to write something in all caps on my displeasure about the outcome of the last three games.

Because I am not happy.  

I am not happy with the energy level brought by the team.  I am not happy with three huge 60+ yard pass plays that resulted in three Fordham touchdowns.  I am not happy with Fordham, who averaged 1.0 yard per carry, routinely get nine-yard plunges for gains.  I am not happy with a single offensive touchdown while the final score is in doubt.  I'm not happy with unconverted 3rd downs.  And I'm not happy, on a 3rd and 27, calling for a toss right to RB Dominick Bragalone.

Instead of hashing all that is wrong and needs to be fixed, however, I'm going to share with you what I think Lehigh is, and where Lehigh football fits into that.  I hope that in here, somewhere, may be some sort of answer to all of these problems.
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