Meet Newcomer Devon Carter

Lehigh Hoops Nation, as part of the continuing effort to get everyone prepared and ready for the ’12-’13 edition of Lehigh Basketball, was fortunate enough to chat with freshman guard Devon Carter in an attempt to help introduce him to Mountain Hawk fans.

What is your earliest basketball memory?

Playing basketball at Gunning Park Recreation Center on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio. I was seven years old and I was playing with the older guys and holding my own. I knew then that the game of basketball was something I wanted to pursue.

Where do the athletic genes come from?

I get my physical frame and the way I play the game from my father. He is the main reason I am the player I am today. The way I think and my positive attitude is from my mother. I use both aspects of who I am to help me produce on the court.

Was it always a dream of yours to play college basketball?

I originally started playing baseball, and was in my opinion, a prodigy. But when my father put a basketball in my hand for the first time, I fell in love with the game and left baseball alone to focus on basketball.

Why did you decide to come to Lehigh and was there one specific moment or event where everything clicked and made you realize that LU was where you were going to go to college?

I chose Lehigh because it fit the three things I looked for in a college. It was a great academic school, it gave me a good basketball opportunity and it was an excellent personality fit. It all clicked when I talked to C.J. McCollum on my official visit and he genuinely told me how good the school was and I felt like I could relate to his opinion because he is from around the same place that I am (about 40 minutes away).

What NBA player best describes your style of play?

The Indiana Pacer Ron Artest because he played like a bulldog and that’s what Coach sees my role being on the team this year.

What part of your game have you been working on the most since your John Hay season ended last spring?

My defense and my hustle activity has been my main focus because that is the way I get my minutes this year.

Talk a bit about your AAU team, a well-known team named after a certain first time NBA Champion in LeBron James (King James Shooting Stars), what was your experience like suiting up for such a great program? Any LBJ encounters or stories?

Being a part of King James was special. It put me in an elite group that I am proud to be a part of. We went all across the country and I must admit, we did look the best and obtained a lot of LeBron gear.

You got to campus well before the majority of your classmates, as you enrolled in summer school to take a class and workout with LU players and coaches, what was that experience like?

The summer experience was unique. It started out extremely tough because the college life was new to me, but once I got used to it, I felt as if I had an edge on my classmates and an extra couple of months of “college” basketball was also another positive.

How has it been meeting your fellow freshman basketball teammates, in Jesse and Justin? All teammates?  

It doesn’t get any better than my teammates. I have already gained a relationship with each one of them and we have been doing great. I have yet to have a problem with any of them. They are supportive and I feel like the little brother of the team.

What goals do you have for yourself in your first season?

My main goal this season is getting and staying on the court. Whatever I have to do to make this happen, I will do. This includes staying eligible in the classroom, and being that “bulldog” coach wants me to be.

Tell us about DC off the court?

Off the court, I try to have as much fun as possible. I hate being bored so I do whatever I can to stay active and alive!


Special thanks to Devon for taking the time, appreciate it DC!


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