Patriot League Schedules (Pt. 1): How Lehigh Stayed At Home In November, 2012

I really thought I'd have been over it by now, but I'm not.

Last year's Lehigh football team, who went 10-1, was denied an at-large spot to the FCS playoffs, becoming the first school with 10 Division I wins to be denied the honor since the playoff field expanded from 16 teams.

How did this happen?

The most common complaint from some Lehigh fans and many other FCS fans was that Lehigh's "schedule strength" in 2012 simply was not cutting it when comparing them to other at-large candidates like New Hampshire, Wofford, or Illinois State.

Is it true that Lehigh scheduled themselves out of a playoff game last season - and will this season's Lehigh schedule make it any easier to qualify as an at-large team should the Mountain Hawks be in that position again?
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