Patsy Ratings – Colgate’s Class of 2018

It's Year One of the Dan Hunt era for the Colgate Raiders, and, by extension, the first Dick Biddle-less Patsy Ratings class for the Maroons up in Hamilton.

After very high hopes for the Raiders in 2013 - they had the preseason Patriot League offensive player of the year, QB Gavin McCarney, and were picked as the preseason favorites to win the Patriot League's autobid - the Fightin' Biddles suffered through injuries - none huger than the dogging ones to McCarney - to fall to a 4-8 record.

If there's one thing that the HooDoos were able to do in an outstanding way with Biddle at the helm, it's getting quality, Patriot League championship-caliber athletes to play football in the middle of frigid Hamilton.  The Patsy Point system, too, acknowledges this, with the Gate securing a whopping 73 Patsy Points last year.

In Hamilton, Colgate transitions from Biddle (known to Lehigh fans, heretoforth, as "Bobblehead Biddle") to Hunt.  How did Dan Hunt's Patsy class measure up to that of his boss?

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