So This Is What Rock Bottom Feels Like

As a Lehigh football fan I have seen an awful lot.

I've seen the football program reach some pretty terrific highs.  I've seen a lot of Patriot League Championships.  Trips to FCS powerhouse programs - and beating them. FCS Playoff wins. 

Wins over Lafayette in the last two minutes of the game.  Overtime wins.  Shootout wins.  Wins without an offensive touchdown.  Do I remember WR Brian Klingerman?  I was in the stands explaining the new overtime rules. Yes, I've seen a lot.

I've also seen a lot of lows during the course of my Lehigh football fandom, too. 

Yes, I was at Yankee Stadium.  I was also at Murray Goodman when Tom Gilmore's Holy Cross team dropped 59 on the Mountain Hawks. 

I was at Lafayette in 1994 to watch Erik Marsh run over Lehigh.  Jonathan Hurt?  I was there.  I see the ghost of that play every time I set foot in Murray Goodman.  Yes, I've seen a lot.

In all of this time being a Lehigh fan, I never saw two things:

  1. I never saw Lehigh lose six games in a row, and 
  2. I never saw Lehigh lose to Georgetown.

And yet, here we are, in a brand new world where Lehigh can lose six straight and can lose to Georgetown.  We are in a world where Georgetown and Lehigh are coaching and talent equals, tied at 9 after regulation and separated only by the will to win in double overtime.  Simply put, Georgetown wanted it more.

With zero disrespect meant to Georgetown, who 100% deserved their win over Lehigh, the Mountain Hawk program is right now at rock bottom.
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