Why Don’t Loyola U. and Boston U. Sponsor Football (Again)?

When you see this picture of Loyola University headgear, do you think football, or lacrosse?

If you're a rabid college football fan, you're forgiven if you think of this as a possible concept football helmet for a member of the Patriot League, Loyola (MD), though it's actually a lacrosse helmet, of course.

This last week I started to take a look at the financial details of the schools of the Patriot League, and some of the other schools in the Northeast that sponsor FCS football.

Yet one nagging question kept reappearing in my mind.

Why am I looking around for Patriot League expansion candidates to aid in the League's football conference when two of the best possible additions in the league for football are already full-sports members?

One had a decidedly modest football history that didn't make that much of a dent on the college football consciousness.  The other had a rich football history buried by a president that was an ideological zealot.  Neither sponsor the sport today.

But both have the facilities, the money, and the conference to do it.  You can make a very good case that they should be the eighth and ninth football-playing members of the League.

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