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Doc, agree on Evan and Kenny. Like to see both on the field. Folmar doesn’t seem to use FB sets often. Understand we need 2 and off the top of my head I dont see another FB candidate. Rest of the spots are the best we have. WRs are all good. Pelletier is a game changer.Would like to see Kelsey at WR. Saw him play twice over the summer. He can be special.Dont see any major changes now anyway.
Nick is a gamer. A bit inconsistent so far on longer throws. He appears to me to be getting better with correct and quicker reads.O is as goodas it can be now and will get better.
2 deep is as good as it can be under the circumstances. Sawyer has kept OL efficient with next guys up. As a fan would like to see a deeper set of 2s on OL.
Only place I have a problem is at DL. We have lots of bodies but few that seem able to move up. Good to see Stubbs,Cavenas and Mitchell getting PT. DBs are making plays . Who else to move up?LBs like Kondas and Coffman inside. Ripanti makes plays but think he is better outside.
All of us realize,I think, issue with us is D. Tackling,tackling…. and no pas rush.

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