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Interestingly, if TK simply replicates his freshman performance over the next 3 years, he will finish with 1,668 points and 904 rebounds, which would rank 8th and 4th respectively all-time at Lehigh. That would be an outstanding career.
I expect his #s to increase nicely this year though for 4 reasons.
1.)He is now a sophomore, totally used to the speed and size of the college game. I don’t expect him to be intimidated at all this year.
2.)Last season, his biggest problem was fouls, averaging only about 26 minutes/game. I expect him to be on the floor at least 30-31 mpg this year.
3.)I truly believe that KR will get him the ball in a position that he can capitalize on at a much greater frequency this year.
4.)He appears to be physically stronger this year.

He put up 15 and 10 against Nova in the first game. I would expect similar #s during the rest of the season. That would be a nice progression.
Continued progression however will depend on whether he can get closer to being a plus athlete IMHO. That would mean increasing his vertical, improving his hands and finishing stronger. Just my opinion