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Not a great deal to report. There were no freshmen at practice today due to a retreat or something. Missing about 1/3 of the team seemed to throw off the tempo of practice to me. With 4 practice fields I expected some form of activity on at least 2 at all time. Then I realized no freshmen meant no place kickers. This looks like a vastly different defense this year ,not only in style but in intensity and certainly size. Offense was unimpressive. There were more passes dropped this morning than caught. Coaches weren’t pleased. I’m not sure how many plays are designed for Nick to run but much like last year, he seemed to take off a lot. Still not quite sure of his follow through either but it was only one practice. Folmar did a lot of work with QBs on footwork. Seemed really hands on.
The scrimmage and many practices are scheduled at night to simulate the 1st game. Both MB and DB are dinged but both are expected back Tuesday. Heard absolute raves from the players about both. MB is a physical freak. Knott was returning/fielding punts today. He may our returner.
Most impressive though are the young men themselves. To an individual, they are polite and respectful at the same time they are juggling a full academic and athletic load. Kudos to the coaches on great recruiting.
Speaking of recruiting, Pendergrast is our only commit so far but they seem to be optimistic on others. The CJ effect BTW is alive and well. Coaches were told often, oh that’s the school that beat Duke. Yes it is !! :-)