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Based solely on the chatter I heard today, there is no clear favorite at RB but it is definitely a position of strength. I suspect that carries will be split almost all season if everyone stays healthy. Personally, I would love to see MB hide behind that big offensive line ala Ron Jean while DB gets more runs off tackle where I think he can break big runs. Think Ross Schuermann.
I didn’t see Mayes practice today but I suspect he may be creeping up the depth chart and wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the 2-deep. NS is the man for now.
I think Rich pretty much nailed the secondary based on my observations today.
As for CCSU, they have a freshman QB who is about 6-6 and our coaches are very much aware of him. I think I was also told that they have a transfer who may be really good but I can’t remember who or what position.
Problems for Lehigh
Night game, on the road, turf I think…maybe not.
Benefits for Lehigh
There is no current film available. This may be a very different team than the one they will watch from last season. I think teams may underestimate us a bit early but we will see.