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Perhaps, Lehigh has turned the corner from a boring, low energy approach to football. We shall see. There is a correlation between the insipid and uninspired offensive effort of recent times – replete with excuses and mediocre over-site – and the collapse in attendance, results, and team record.
Of course, the defense has been quite poor and undersized thanks to poor recruiting and questionable coaching but that is another subject.
The dumbing down of the offense is also the result of a so so QB amd WR situation (along with bad coaching) so the team defaulted to “safe plays” such as overusing the QB on running plays which the opposition knew in advance. We failed to stretch out the field and this enabled the opponents’ defense to pack the middle and close down our limpid running effort – a journey man’s “three yards and a cloud of dust”. This led to numerous third and 7’s or 9’s.

Hopefully, a new day has arrived and the Lehigh team can actually use the offense of yore. Maybe Rip Van Winkle wakes up.